AES Conventions and Conferences
AES 104th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1998 May 16-19


AES Standard Meetings are open to all participants and already start on Thursday, May 14th, two days before the opening of the Convention! However, you are well advised to check the AESSC website for last minute changes!

Thursday, May 14th

08:30 h SC-02-02
Digital Input/Output Interfacing
13:00 h SC-02-01
Digital Audio Measurement Techniques
13:00 h SC-05-05
Grounding and EMC Practices

Friday, May 15th

08:30 h SC-02-05
11:00 h SC-06-04
Internet Audio Delivery System
14:00 h SC-06-03
Computer Networks for Transporting Audio
16:00 h SC-06-02
Audio Applications Using the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus
18:00 h SC-06-01
Audio File Transfer and Exchange
09:00 h SC-03-05
Preservation/Restoration of Mechanical Media
14:00 h SC-04-03
Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement
16:00 h SC-05-03
Multiple Program Connections
18:00 h SC-04-04
Microphone Measurement and Characterization

Saturday, May 16th

09:00 h SC-10
Sound System Control
18:00 h SC-04-04-D
Microphone Measurement and Characterization
09:00 h SC-05
12:30 h WG-07
Listening Tests

Sunday, May 17th

13:00 h SC-02
Digital Audio
20:00 h SC-06
Computer Network and File Transfer of Audio
20:00 h SC-04

Monday, May 18th

09:00 h SC-03
Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording

Tuesday, May 19th

12:00 h AESSC
AES Standards Committee (full meeting)

Please check the AESSC website for last minute changes!

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