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SC-02-02 SC-02-01 SC-05-05 SC-02-05 SC-06-04 SC-03-05 SC-06-03 SC-04-03 SC-06-02 SC-05-03 SC-06-01 SC-04-04 Registration Organ Concert Registration Opening Ceremony P1 Signal Processing-I P2 Recording Restoration & Enhancement W1 High Definition Recording DVD-Audio Super Audio CD Exhibition SC-10 SC-05 WG-07 SC-04-04-D P3 Transducers-I P4 Audio in Virtual Reality Systems W2 From Linear PCM to DSD W3 Audio Archiving Student Assembly 1 Convention Party in Aviodome Registration P5 Signal Processing-II P6 MultiChannel Sound Systems p7 Transducers-II P8 Architectural Acoustics W4 The Analog Channel W6 Perceptual Models W5 Multichannel Music Production W7 Copy Management in Dig. Era W8 Reduced Rate Audio Coding Education Fair Concertgebouw ­ Morning Tour Musical Instrument Museum Exhibition Standards Meeting SC-02 Golden Anniversary Celebration Standards Meeting SC-06 Standards Meeting SC-04 Registration Information P9 Perceptual Coding-I P10 Broadcasting and Multimedia P11 Perceptual Coding-II P12 Sound Reinforcement W9 Sound of Cinema W10 Studio Business Change W11 DAB Audio and Data Organ Factory Tour Royal School of Music Exhibition Standards Meeting SC-03 Jobs Forum Education Forum TC Open House Golden Anniversary Dinner Metasound Studio Registration P13 Audio Electronics P14 Psychoacoustics P15 Measurement and Instrumentation P16 Quality Evaluation of Sound Systems W12 Dig. Audio Interfaces W14 Classic Microphones W13 Audio Bits on the WAN Student Pop/Jazz Rec. Student Classic Rec. Student Assembly 2 T6 Sound System Schiphol Airport T9 Phoenix Sciences Inst. Dutch Broadcasting Centre T10 Dutch Broadcast Museum T8 Dutch Broadcasting Audio Archive Exhibition Standards Meeting Technical University of Deflt T12 EMI Compact Disc/DVD Plant

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