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University of Portsmouth

Last Updated: 2018-3-10
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Winston Churchill Avenue
Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)23 9284 8484

Type 4 Courses - Bachelors degree course (e.g. BS, BSc, BA, BMus)

BSc (Hons) Music and Sound Technology

Qualification Awarded on Completion: BSc(Hons)
Facilities: SSL Matrix V2, SSL EQ and Dynamics, Neve 1074 Mic preamps, TL Audio VTC, Logic, Protools, Ableton, BUchla System 7 200e Modular Synth, Oakley Modular Synth, Slate Raven multitouch
Exact Duration: 3 years or 4 years with placement year
Fee: See
Internship/Work Placement: Placement year in industry available
Validating Body: JAMES Joint Audio Media Education Services, Protools Certified AVID Learning Partner, WWise Licensed School
Contact Person: Mark Sexton

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