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Last Updated: 2014-6-11
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Arroyo de San Lorenzo 23 Local
Córdoba, 14002
Tel: 957326564

Type 1 Courses - Course not normally in an accredited qualification or certificate or resulting in an in-house certificate/diploma (e.g. privately-run, non-accredited training courses; product courses)

Mezcla musical con Pro Tools

Facilities: 10 estaciones Pro Tools 11, Pro Tools HD2, Focal CMS65, Control|24, Newmann, etc
Exact Duration: 25 h
Fee: 180€
Contact Person: Rafa Martínez

Postproducción de audio con Pro Tools

Facilities: Focal, Avid, Control24, Newmann, 10 estaciones de audio Pro Tools
Exact Duration: 25h
Fee: 180€
Contact Person: Rafa Martínez

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