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Belmont University

Last Updated: 2015-3-24
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1900 Belmont Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37212
United States
Tel: +1 615 460 5504
Fax: +1 615 460 5516

Type 4 Courses - Bachelors degree course (e.g. BS, BSc, BA, BMus)

Audio Engineering Technology

Qualification Awarded on Completion: Bachelor of Science
Facilities: Historic Quanset Hut, Columbia Studio A, RE Mulloy Studios, & Ocean Way Nashville 14 studios w/API, Neve, SSL, ProTools, vinatge microphones, analog, & HD/Hi-res digital processing, & engineering shops
Exact Duration: 4 Years
Emphasis: Audio engineering, sound reinforcement, studio & live recording, pre-& post-production, psychoacoustics, electronics & maintenance, music publishing/production
Fee: Inquire
Internship/Work Placement: 90%
Validating Body: SACS, ABET
Contact Person: Admissions Director

Type 5 Courses - Masters Degree course (taught) (e.g. MS, MSc, MA, MEng)

Audio Engineering

Qualification Awarded on Completion: Master of Science
Facilities: Audio research labs, two immersive-sound screening/research theaters, anechoic chamber, multiple studios and labs w/analog & HD/Hi-res digital processing
Exact Duration: 18 months, 5 semester, 34 credit hours
Emphasis: Acoustic and Electro-acoustic Measurement & Design; Auditory Perception; Digital Audio, Coding and Signal Analysis; Sound Reinf. & Concert Mixing; Concepts in Sonic Blending; Critical Listening
Fee: $42,330 (as of 2016) $1,245/credit + fees
Validating Body: SACS, ABET
Contact Person: Dr. Wesley Bulla

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