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Conservatoire Royal

Last Updated: 2010-9-21
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7 rue de Nimy
Mons, Hainaut B7000
Tel: +3265347377
Fax: +3265349906

Type 5 Courses - Masters Degree course (taught) (e.g. MS, MSc, MA, MEng)

section musique électroacoustique

Qualification Awarded on Completion: MA
Facilities: 2 studios. ProtoolsHD TDM with procontrol, Max-msp, sampling, synthesis etc. Surround octophonic listening and compositional room.
Exact Duration: 5 years (3 Bachelor+2 Master)
Emphasis: sound design (film, video, theater, dans, web), electroacoustic composition (acousmatic, interactivity
Fee: 500€
Internship/Work Placement: after accreditation
Validating Body: entrance examination
Contact Person: Annette Vande Gorne

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