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California Institute of the Arts

Last Updated: 2013-9-17
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24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355
United States
Tel: 661-255-1050
Fax: 661-255-0938

Type 4 Courses - Bachelors degree course (e.g. BS, BSc, BA, BMus)

MTIID Music Technology: Intelligence, Interaction, and Design

Qualification Awarded on Completion: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Facilities: 5 main studios for computer music, studio and live recording; plus facilities for sound reinforcement, web design, programming, and in-depth musical studies.
Exact Duration: 4 years
Emphasis: The Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design (MTIID) program enables students to build strong musical skills while mastering a variety of technologies for the creation of sonic and visual art.
Fee: See website
Validating Body: NASM, WASC
Contact Person: Dr. Ajay Kapur

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