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Webster University

Last Updated: 2012-5-12
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470 E Lockwood
Webster Groves, MO 63119
United States
Tel: 314-246-7637

Type 4 Courses - Bachelors degree course (e.g. BS, BSc, BA, BMus)

Audio Production

Qualification Awarded on Completion: B.A. in Audio Production
Facilities: 48 input SSL Duality and Euphonix Fusion S5 audio consoles, M79 analog 24 tk, ProTools, Nuendo, Avid, Radar digital 24 tk, assorted Studer and Revox analog recorders, Neuman and other fine mics, MIDI Studio, Editing Suite.
Exact Duration: Four years
Emphasis: Working with live sound, sound reinforcement, sound for picture, sound for the web and more, students learn much more than simply how to make a CD.
Internship/Work Placement: Internships in major facilities which frequently lead to paying jobs.
Validating Body: Fully accredited
Contact Person: Tori Meyer

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