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Being a Student Member of the Audio Engineering Society has never been more important, as technology whips forward and many segments of our industry literally reinvent themselves. A successful career in audio must be built on future-proof knowledge and skills, supported by a community of professionals who share your passion for audio and commitment to the highest audio quality.

Knowledge & Skills

Future and current students need the chance to study in the Educational Program best-aligned with their interests and abilities, so the AES maintains an online directory of educational institutions worldwide. You'll see the directory is vast, and the Programs are diverse. You'll find courses of study for every level: from vocational studies to associates, bachelors, and graduate degrees. You'll find the place to help you begin a career, or to help you navigate a change of career. It's daunting at first, but click around and you'll find the program that suits your needs.

Community of Students & Professionals

Your chance to network with colleagues needn't wait until that first job. Students should jumpstart their careers by becoming active in all AES Section activities nearby. Student Members of the AES are always welcome at meetings of both Full Professional Sections and Student Sections. At these meetings, you'll meet fellow students and active professionals - a chance to make friends, fine-tune your audio knowledge, and get a job.

If you don't find an active section in your area, a motivated and active group of students can start their own section.

In addition to local and regional meetings, an active student web presence offers the chance to stay immersed in audio and connected to others 24/7. Here, you'll find Articles, News, Tutorials, Forum Posts, Listings of Opportunities, Events and Scholarships, all tailored for Student Members.

Learn & Network

The opportunities to learn and the chance to make professional contacts grows several dB at international conferences and conventions, and students members receive discounted access, so keep an eye on upcoming events. You'll find Tutorials, Workshops, Master Classes and more that dig deep into topics you care about, no matter what specific areas of audio interest you: live, studio, music, tracking, mixing, mastering, video post, sound design, game sound, hardware, software, design, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, etc. It's all there and accessible by any Student Member of the AES who takes advantage of the discounted student registration.

More Questions?

Please review this list of frequently asked questions before emailing us. If your question isn't answered there please contact the AES Education Chair.

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