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Complete Journal: Volume 9 Issue 1
Comments on: -The Magnetic Characteristics of Recording Tapes-
Distortion of Auditory Perspective Produced by Interchannel Mixing at High and Low Audio Frequencies
Subjective Evaluation of Factors Affecting Two-Channel Stereophony
What is Psychoacoustics?
Listening Tests Methods and Evaluation
The Magnetic Tape Recording Process in Terms of the Preisach Representation
Experimental Determination of the Effectiveness of Microphone Wind Screens
Loudspeaker Testing in Rooms
Practical Aspects of High-Fidelity Disk Recording. Part 2
Effect of System Parameters on the Stereophonic Effect
Complete Journal: Volume 9 Issue 2
Tape Duplicating Systems for Talking Book Program
Visible Magnetic Recordings
Some Aspects of Wear and Calibration of Test Records
Reproduction Distortion-Its Measurement and Influence on Stereo Phonograph Cartridge Design
The Design of Low-Noise Transistor Audio Amplifiers
High Quality High Reliability Amplifiers for Speech Input Systems
Delay Line for Stereophonic Broadcasting
A Stereophonic Transmission System for AM Broadcasting
The Electrostatic Earphone
Stereophonic Earphones and Binaural Loudspeakers
A High Sensitivity Power Pentode Using the 'Shadow Grid' Technique
A Stereo Groove Problem
The Reduction of Wind Noise in Microphones
The Effect of Bias Amplitude on Output at Very Short Wavelengths
Complete Journal: Volume 9 Issue 3
Acoustic Considerations in the Design of Recording Studios
Sound Control Techniques for the Legitimate Theatre and Opera
Reverberation System for Home Entertainment Equipment
'Colorless' Artificial Reverberation
Artificial Reverberation Facilities for Auditoriums and Audio Systems
Sonic Window in the Ocean
A Modern Acoustic Missile Launch Locator, the AN/TNS-5
Design of a Stereophonic Pickup Cartridge
The Use of Polyester Films in Microphone Designs
Broadcasting Closed Circuit and Via Public Transmission Channels Through Master Control Facilities in the Loeb Student Center, New York University
Flutter Measurements by the American Standard Method
Complete Journal: Volume 9 Issue 4
A Study of Interference Effects in Magnetic Recording
Automatic Tape Reversing Mechanism for Continuous Play of Four Track Stereo Tapes
Amplitude Control of Loudspeaker Cone Motion in the Resonance Frequency Range
A New Tool for the Exploration of Unknown Electronic Music Instrument Performances
European Electronic Music Instrument Design
Electronic Production of Percussive Sounds
New Trends for Stereo Recording Consoles
A Small Unidirectional Dynamic Probe Microphone
Personal Microphones
The Transmission of Room Information
A New Reverberation Device for High Fidelity Systems
Design Considerations of Portable Transistorized Public Address Systems
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