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Complete Journal: Volume 8 Issue 1
In References to References
Comments on: Recent Cone Speaker Development
Stereo Disk Problems
Transistor ac Amplifiers with High Input Impedance: A Survey
Progress Report of Panel 1 of the National Stereophonic Radio Committee
A Suggested Method for Measuring Tape Modulation Noise
A New Equalization Characteristic for Master Tape Recording
A Survey of Some New Tubes for Audio Output Applications
Synthetic Reverberator
Design and Development of an Engineering Report
Eliminating the Stereo Seat
Properties of Base Materials Used for the Manufacture of Magnetic Recording Tape
The Question of an Audio Engineering Degree
Acoustics of Sound Reproduction in the Home
Complete Journal: Volume 8 Issue 2
Intensity vs. Time Differences in Stereo
The Computer as a Musical Instrument
International Standardization of Stereo
Some Observations on the Use of a Single Stereo Microphone
The Design and Use of a Double Cardioid Stereophonic Microphone
The 120-ips Tape Duplicator for Four-Track Commercial Stereo Tapes
Recording Studio and Control Room Facilities of Advance Design
Equalized Stereo Preamplifier for Professional Use
Stereophonic Patterns
The Tape-Head Relationship in Multitrack Recording
Audio Isolation Networks
Manufacture and Use of Double Coated Tape for Continuous Cartridges
Perception of the Stereophonic Effect as a Function of Frequency
Why Stereo? The Philosophy of Multichannel Recording of Music
Broadening the Area of Stereophonic Perception
Stereo as an Integral System
Complete Journal: Volume 8 Issue 3
The Frequency Response of Magnetic Recorders for Audio
Stereo Disk Problems (Addendum)
Chemical Analysis of Magnetic Recording Tape
Photo-Sensitive Resistor in an Overload-Preventing Arrangement
Maximum Peak Velocity Capabilities of the Disk Record
A Full-Track, Stereophonic, Magnetic Record-Reproduce Head
Precise Measurement of Large Dynamic Response Characteristics of Audio Networks
The Use of 35-mm Sprocket-Type Magnetic Film in Recording Phonograph Masters
Some Characteristics of a Variable Transmission Network for Audio Signals
Acoustic Instrumentation for Measurements in the Minuteman Missile Silo
A Signal Biasing Output Transformerless Transistor Power Amplifier
The Effect of ac Bias Waveform on Harmonic Distortion in Magnetic Tape Recording
A Low-Distortion Volume Expander for Home Use
Complete Journal: Volume 8 Issue 4
Comments on -Learning, a Major Factor Influencing Preferences for High-Fidelity Reproducing Systems- and Author's Reply
Portable Facilities for International Conferences
Application of Limiter Amplifiers to Stereophonic Signals
Practical Aspects of High-Fidelity Disk Recording. Part 1
Synchronous Audio-Visual Display Techniques
High-Resolution Stereo Magnetic Head for Four-Track Application
The Multichannel Recording for Mastering Purposes
The Physical Conditions for Optimum Bass Reflex Cabinets
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