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Efficient Filter-Based Model for Resonator Panel Absorbers
Tuning and Optimization of an Electric Network Frequency Extraction Algorithm
Perceptual Effects of Dynamic Range Compression in Popular Music Recordings
The Mathematics of Mixing
About Dynamic Processing in Mainstream Music
Recording Preservation: A National Plan
Frequency Scale Translation in the MDCT Domain for AAC Decoder Algorithm
A Versatile Analytical Approach for Assessing Harmonic Distortion in Current-Driven Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Bandpass Subwoofer Design
Scenes and Images into Sounds: A Taxonomy of Image Sonification Methods for Mobility Applications
An Exploration of Volumetric Data in Auditory Space
AES67: How the Net Was Won
Beamforming Regularization, Scaling Matrices, and Inverse Problems for Sound Field Extrapolation and Characterization: Part I – Theory
The Hearing-Aid Speech Quality Index (HASQI) Version 2
Beamforming Regularization, Scaling Matrices, and Inverse Problems for Sound Field Extrapolation and Characterization: Part II – Experiments
The Influence of Vibrations on Musical Experience
Momentary Quality of Experience: Users’ Audio Quality Preferences Measured Under Different Presentation Conditions
Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition with Degraded and Enhanced Speech
On the Study of the Ionic Microphone
Semantic Audio
Preferences of Critical Listening Environments Among Sound Engineers
Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability in the Blocked Auditory Canal Transfer Functions of Three Circum-Aural Headphones
Sound Quality Assessment Using Auditory Models
Reproducing Virtually Elevated Sound via a Conventional Home-Theater Audio System
Point Source Loudspeaker Design: Advances on the Inverse Horn Approach
Sound for Pictures
Quiet Thoughts on a Deafening Problem
Multimodal Information Management: Evaluation of Auditory and Haptic Cues for NextGen Communication Displays
Speech Quality Assessment for Listening-Room Compensation
A High-Rate Data Hiding Technique for Uncompressed Audio Signals
Transducer Effects on Direct Digital-to-Acoustic Loudspeaker Arrays
Acoustic Enhancement Systems
Reflecting on Reflections
Synthesis of Spatially Extended Virtual Source with Time-Frequency Decomposition of Mono Signals
Magnitude-Priority Filter Design
Speech Transmission Index for the English Language Verified Under Reverberant Conditions with Two Binaural Listening Methods: Real-Life and Headphones
Identification of Loudspeakers Using Fractional Derivatives
Reduction of Spectral Artifacts in Multichannel Downmixing with Adaptive Phase Alignment
The Vinyl Frontier
Pushing the Limits
Effect of Spectral Centroid Manipulation on Discrimination and Identification of Instrument Timbres
Automatic Detection of Hum in Audio Signals
Dynamic Signal Phase Distortion Using Coefficient-Modulated Allpass Filters
A Transistor Ladder Voltage-Controlled Filter Implemented on a Field Programmable Analog Array
Live Sound System Optimization
Human–Made Rock Mixes Feature Tight Relations Between Spectrum and Loudness
Discrimination of Random Spectral Alterations in Repeated Notes of Sustained Musical Instrument Tones
The Correspondence of Music Emotion and Timbre in Sustained Musical Instrument Sounds
Small Signal Loudspeaker Impedance Emulator
Forensic Audio Analysis
Sound Board: Audio Futurology
The Influence of Stereoscopy on the Sound Mixing of Movies: A Study on the Front/Rear Balance of Ambience
Categorization of Sound Attributes for Audio Quality Assessment—A Lexical Study
A Computationally-Efficient and Perceptually-Plausible Algorithm for Binaural Room Impulse Response Simulation
Active Loudspeaker Heat Protection
Perception-Based Automatic Classification of Background Noise in Super-Wideband Telephony
Spatial Audio: Binaural Challenges
Current-Drive Audio Amplifiers for Hearing Loop System
Cinema Calibration and the X-Curve
MPEG-H Audio—The New Standard for Universal Spatial/3D Audio Coding
Spatial Audio Quality Perception (Part 1): Impact of Commonly Encountered Processes
Spatial Audio Quality Perception (Part 2): A Linear Regression Model
Adaptive Optimization of Interchannel Coherence with Stereo and Surround Audio Content
Effect of Vertical Microphone Layer Spacing for a 3D Microphone Array
Loudness Revisited
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