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Spatial Decomposition Method for Room Impulse Responses
Persistent Time-Frequency Shrinkage for Audio Denoising
Audio Equalization with Fixed-Pole Parallel Filters: An Efficient Alternative to Complex Smoothing
Perception of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis
Digital Waveguide Synthesis of the Geomungo with a Time-Varying Loss Filter
Room Acoustical Parameters in Small Rooms
Influence of a Table on a Microphone’s Frequency Response and Directivity
Mastering for Today’s Media
On the Optimization of the Multiple Exponential Sweep Method
Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Acoustic Feedback Cancellation Systems for Hearing Aids
Live Measurements of Subwoofers’ Performance
Audio Networks: Now We’re Talking!
Spatial Distribution of Signals Emitted by a Sigma-Delta Modulation-Driven Linear Digital Transducer Array
Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 in Handling Multiple Broadcasting Audio Data in Wireless ad-hoc Networks
A Multicore Operating System with QoS Guarantees for Network Audio Applications
The Open Control Architecture
The AES64 Connection Management and Control Protocol
Modeling Complex Networked Audio Devices
Control Protocol Command Translation for Device Interoperability on Ethernet AVB Networks
Audio Network-Based Massive Multichannel Loudspeaker System for Flexible Use in Spatial Audio Research
Audio for Acoustically-Challenged Devices and the Web
Graphical Equalization Using Interpolated Filter Banks
New Aspects of Virtual Sound Source Localization Research–Impact of Visual Angle and 3-D Video Content on Sound Perception
Practical Implementation of Personal Audio in a Mobile Device
Testing A Novel Gesture-Based Mixing Interface
Report on Research Projects on Head-Related Transfer Functions and Virtual Auditory Displays in China
Cinema Sound for the 3-D Era
Accurate Calculation of Radiation and Diffraction from Loudspeaker Enclosures at Low Frequency
Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA), The Third Generation ITU-T Standard for End-to-End Speech Quality Measurement Part I—Temporal Alignment
Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA), The Third Generation ITU-T Standard for End-to-End Speech Quality Measurement Part II—Perceptual Model
Optimized Covariance Domain Framework for Time–Frequency Processing of Spatial Audio
Design and Implementation of a Car Cabin Personal Audio System
Head Movements Made by Listeners in Experimental and Real-Life Listening Activities
Evaluation of the Average DC Offset Values for Nine Small Digital Audio Recorders
Spatial Audio Processing
Acoustic Zooming by Multi-Microphone Sound Scene Manipulation
A Comparison of Computational Precedence Models for Source Separation in Reverberant Environments
Real-Time Speech Signal Segmentation Methods
Perceptual Objective Quality Evaluation Method for High Quality Multichannel Audio Codecs
Headphone-Based Virtual Spatialization of Sound with a GPU Accelerator
Audio Pitch Shifting Using the Constant-Q Transform
Wiener Filtering for Anechoic Transfer Function Measurement in Acoustics
Game Audio: Transforming Simulation and Interactivity
Parameter Automation in a Dynamic Range Compressor
Multiport Acoustic Models with Applications in Audio Signal Processing
Physical Modeling of Timpani Drums in 3D on GPGPUs
New Measurement Techniques for Portable Listening Devices: Technical Report
Perceived Audio Quality of Realistic FM and DAB+ Radio Broadcasting Systems
Frequency Dependence of the Loudspeaker Suspension (A Follow up)
Mixing and Artificial Intelligence
Higher-Order Integrated Wavetable and Sampling Synthesis
Minimization of Decorrelator Artifacts in Directional Audio Coding by Covariance Domain Rendering
A Recursive Adaptive Method of Impulse Response Measurement with Constant SNR over Target Frequency Band
Using Ultrasonic Sound to Collect Audio Waves in Air
Workplace Noise Regulations in the Music Industry: A Square Peg and a Round Hole
The Analysis of the Reduction in Vehicle Speech Intelligibility for Normal Hearing and Hearing Impaired Individuals in a Simulated Driving Environment with Contributions from the Ordered and Masking Noise Source
Amplifier Technology: The Ongoing Class Struggle
The Effect of MP3 Compression on the Timbre Space of Sustained Musical Instrument Tones
Comparison of Interaural Intensity Differences Evoked by Real and Phantom Sources
Sensitivity of Human Hearing to Changes in Phase Spectrum
A Robust Audio Watermarking System for Acoustic Channels
A Real-Time Dual-Channel Speech Reinforcement System for Intra-Cabin Communication
Noise in Triodes with Particular Reference to Phono Preamplifiers
Using Delay Estimation to Reduce Comb Filtering of Arbitrary Musical Sources
Loudspeakers and Headphones: The Highs and the Lows
Vertical Localization Performance in a Practical 3-D WFS Formulation
Adaptive Equalizer for Acoustic Feedback Control
On the Design of Allpole Filters that Are Perfectly Matched to Specifications
Sound Field Control
The ISO/MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding Standard—Consistent High Quality for All Content Types and at All Bit Rates
Level and Time Panning of Phantom Images for Musical Sources
Individualization of Binaural Synthesis Using Frontal Projection Headphones
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