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Separation of Harmonic Musical Instrument Notes Using Spectro-Temporal Modeling of Harmonic Magnitudes and Spectrogram Inversion with Phase Optimization
Switching Power Audio Amplifiers with High Immunity to the Demodulation Filter Effects
Analysis of Individual Preferences for Tuning of Noise-Reduction Algorithms
Wave Front Reconstruction Using the Spatial Covariance Matrices Method
Automotive Audio
The Emulation of Nonlinear Time-Invariant Audio Systems with Memory by Means of Volterra Series
The Practical Effects of Lateral Energy in Critical Listening Environments
The Semantic Space of Vehicle Sounds: Developing a Semantic Differential with Regard to Customer Perception
Emoacoustics: A Study of the Psychoacoustical and Psychological Dimensions of Emotional Sound Design
Perceived Sound Quality of Small Original and Optimized Loudspeaker Systems
The Quality of Auditory-Tactile Virtual Environments
A Layer Model of Sound Quality
Touch the Sound: Audio-Driven Tactile Feedback for Audio Mixing Applications
Perceptual Evaluation of Headphone Compensation in Binaural Synthesis Based on Non-Individual Recordings
The Impact of Test Duration on User Fatigue and Reliability of Subjective Quality Ratings
Pound of Cure or Ounce of Prevention? Archiving and Preservation in Action
Parameter Relationships in High-Speed Audio Networks
How to Talk about Speech and Audio Quality with Speech and Audio People
Diagnostic Instrumental Speech Quality Assessment in a Super-Wideband Context
Extending the E-Model for Capturing Noise Reduction and Echo Canceller Impairments
Sound Field Control
The Switched Convolution Reverberator
Analysis of Spectral and Temporal Waveforms of Piano-String Vibration
Direct Quantification of Latent Speech Quality Dimensions
Forensic Authenticity Analyses of the Header Data in Re-Encoded WMA Files from Small Olympus Audio Recorders
Audio Networking
Directional Analysis with Microphone Array Mounted on Rigid Cylinder for Directional Audio Coding
The Assessment of Low-Frequency Room Acoustic Parameters Using Descriptive Analysis
Subjective Preference of Modal Control Methods in Listening Rooms
An Improved Dissonance Measure Based on Auditory Memory
Making Records in the 21st Century
Digital Dynamic Range Compressor Design—A Tutorial and Analysis
Morphocons: A New Sonification Concept Based on Morphological Earcons
An Objective Scheme for Ranking Halls and Obtaining Criteria for Improvements and Design
Watermark-Aided Pre-Echo Reduction in Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding
Performance-Based Measurement of Speech Quality with an Audio Proof-Reading Task
Scanning the Magnetic Field of Electrodynamic Transducers
Time–Frequency Processing
Effect of Spatial Location and Presentation Rate on the Reaction to Auditory Displays
Auditory Menus Are Not Just Spoken Visual Menus: A Case Study of “Unavailable” Menu Items
Guidelines for NextGen Auditory Displays
Balancing Salience and Unobtrusiveness in Auditory Monitoring of Evolutionary Optimization
The Effects of Using Headphones and Speakers on Collaboration in an Audio-Only Workspace
Modeling the Rowing Stroke Cycle Acoustically
A Comparison of Sound Dimensions for Auditory Graphs: Pitch Is Not So Perfect
Virtual Localization by Blind Persons
Wearable Sensor-Based Real-Time Sonification of Motion and Foot Pressure in Dance Teaching and Training
Stokowski and the Evolution of Recording Techniques
MPEG Spatial Audio Object Coding—The ISO/MPEG Standard for Efficient Coding of Interactive Audio Scenes
In Search of a Perceptual Metric for Timbre: Dissimilarity Judgments among Synthetic Sounds with MFCC-Derived Spectral Envelopes
Acoustic Detection of Human Activities in Natural Environments
Naviton—A Prototype Mobility Aid for Auditory Presentation of Three-Dimensional Scenes to the Visually Impaired
Digital Fabrication of Acoustic Sonifications
Audio Bit Rates
The Analog Microphone Interface and its History
Acoustics and Modeling of Pickups
Variability in Perceptual Evaluation of HRTFs
Multichannel Audio Upmixing by Time-Frequency Filtering Using Non-Negative Tensor Factorization
All-Round Ambisonic Panning and Decoding
On the Improvement of Localization Accuracy with Non-Individualized HRTF-Based Sounds
H-Semantics: A Hybrid Approach to Singing Voice Separation
Electric Network Frequency Analysis for Forensic Audio
Perceptual Evaluation of Model- and Signal-Based Predictors of the Mixing Time in Binaural Room Impulse Responses
Discrimination of Musical Instrument Tones Resynthesized with Piecewise-Linear Approximated Harmonic Amplitude Envelopes
Audio Testing by Means of Families of Binary Correlation Sequences
Translating Sonifications
Spatial Auditory Display in Music Search and Browsing Applications
Music Induced Hearing Disorders
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