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Complete Journal: Volume 6 Issue 1
Portable Transistor Music System
Techniques for Measuring and Evaluating Noise
Variable-Speed Scanning of Recorded Magnetic Tapes
An Analysis of Tape Noise in a 100-KC Bandwidth
Transistorized Magnetic and Photoelectric Input Circuits for Motion Picture Projectors
High Power Transistor Audio Amplifiers
A Continuous Loop Magnetic tape Cartridge
Some Observations on Reproduced Sound in an Automobile
Complete Journal: Volume 6 Issue 2
Subjective Effects of Frequency Modulation Distortion
The 'Stereosonic' Recording and Reproducing System: A Two-Channel Systems for Domestic Tape Records
Stereophonic Sound with Two Tracks, Three Channels By Means of a Phantom Circuit (2PH3)
Binaural and Stereophonic Sound in Retrospect
A Compatible System of Stereo Transmission by FM Multiplex
An Artificial Stereophonic Effect Obtained from a Single Audio Signal
Stereophonic Sound Reproduction in the Home
British Patent Specification 394,325 (Improvements in and relating to Sound-transmission, Sound-recording and Sound-reproducing Systems)
Is Tape the Ideal Medium for Audio?
Complete Journal: Volume 6 Issue 3
The Electrical Production of Music
Latest Advances in Extra Fine Groove Recording
Musical Composition with a High-Speed Digital Computer
Technical Facilities for the Diplomatic Conference
Acoustical Aspects of a Speech Communication System Designed for Operation in High Level Ambient Noise
Some Basic Aspects of an Information Theory of Music
Mylar Polyester Film and Acetate as Base Materials for Magnetic Recording Tape
The Standard Tape as a Professional Audio Tool
A New Viscous-Damped Tone Arm Development
The Processes of Experimental Music
Complete Journal: Volume 6 Issue 4
Constant-S Equalizers
The Limiting Tracking Weight of Gramophone Pickups for Negligible Groove Damage
Mismatch Between Power Amplifiers and Loudspeaker Loads
The Finer Structure of Magnetic Tape: Microscope Studies
A New Approach to the High Performance Turntable Problem
Application of Negative Impedance Amplifiers to Loudspeaker Systems
New Developments in Output-Transformerless Amplifiers
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