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Interactive Teleconferencing Combining Spatial Audio Object Coding and DirAC Technology
Sparse Frequency-Domain Reverberator
A Diffractive Study on the Relation between Finite Baffle and Loudspeaker Measurement
Impulse Response Measurement of Nonlinear Systems: Properties of Existing Techniques and Wide Noise Sequences
Live Sound: Things to Get Right
Spatiotemporal Gradient Analysis of Differential Microphone Arrays
Reproducing Applause-Type Signals with Directional Audio Coding
Audio Signal Processing Using Graphics Processing Units
Dynamic Measurement of Transducer Effective Radiation Area
Spatial Audio: Eighty Years After Blumlein
Automatic Equalization Using Parametric IIR Filters
Evaluation of a Multipoint Equalization System Based on Impulse Response Prototype Extraction
Objective Measurement of Sound Event Localization in Horizontal and Median Planes
Blu-ray or Downloads for HD Audio Delivery?
Nonlinear Time-Domain Modeling of Balanced-Armature Receivers
Perceptually Motivated Signal-Dependent Processing for Sound Reproduction in Reverberant Rooms
Comparing Sound Radiation from a Loudspeaker with that from a Flexible Spherical Cap on a Rigid Sphere
Applause Sound Detection
Comparison of Receiver-Based Concealment and Multiple-Description Coding in an 802.11-Based Wireless Multicast Audio Distribution Network
Audio in the Age of Digital Networks
A New Interpretation of Distortion Artifacts in Sweep Measurements
Evaluation of Mel-Band and MFCC-Based Error Metrics for Correspondence to Discrimination of Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds
Analysis of Design Parameters for Crosstalk Cancellation Filters Applied to Different Loudspeaker Configurations
Visualization and Analysis Tools for Low-Frequency Propagation in a Generalized 3D Acoustic Space
Audio for Games
The Loudness War: Do Louder, Hypercompressed Recordings Sell Better?
A Data Hiding Method for Stereo Audio Signals Using Interchannel Decorrelator Polarity Inversion
PSST! Product Sound Sketching Tool
Techniques for Synthetic Reconfiguration of Microphone Arrays
Weighted-Function-Based Rapid Mapping of Descriptors to Audio Processing Parameters
Mastering: Art, Perception, Technologies
Measurement of Turbulent Air Noise Distortion in Loudspeaker Systems
A Subjective Evaluation of the Minimum Channel Separation for Reproducing Binaural Signals over Loudspeakers
Toward a Computational Model of Perceived Spaciousness in Recorded Music
Using Computer Vision Technology to Play Gramophone Records
Streaming for Broadcasters
Electrodynamic Transducer Model Incorporating Semi-Inductance and Means for Shorting AC Magnetization
Using Programmable Graphics Hardware for Acoustics and Audio Rendering
The Impact of Tone Language and Non-Native Language Listening on Measuring Speech Quality
A Second-Order Ambisonics Device Using Velocity Transducers
Whose Head Is it Anyway? Optimizing Binaural Audio
Classification of Time–Frequency Regions in Stereo Audio
Reproducing Sound Fields Using MIMO Acoustic Channel Inversion
Sound Source Signal Parameters in Vehicles for Determining Speech Transmission Index
A Note on Mathematical Modeling of Power Amplifier/Loudspeaker Nonlinearity in Acoustic Echo Cancelers
Hear, Hear! Psychoacoustics and Subjective Evaluation
Perceptually-Motivated Objective Grading of Nonlinear Processing in Virtual-Bass Systems
Wide-Area Psychoacoustic Correction for Problematic Room-Modes Using Nonlinear Bass Synthesis
Network Neutral Control over Quality of Service Networks
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Loudspeaker Locations from Room Impulse Responses
The hArtes CarLab: A New Approach to Advanced Algorithms Development for Automotive Audio
Semantic Audio: Machines Get Clever with Music
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