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Choice of Inverse Filter Design Parameters in Virtual Acoustic Imaging Systems
Augmented Hankel Total Least-Squares Decomposition of Head-Related Transfer Functions
An Initial Validation of Individualized Crosstalk Cancellation Filters for Binaural Perceptual Experiments
Intelligibility of Speech in the Spanish Congress of Deputies
Mastering in an Ever-Expanding Universe
Any Song, Anytime, Anywhere
Recording Electric Guitar—The Science and the Myth
Editor’s Note
Development and Validation of an Unintrusive Model for Predicting the Sensation of Envelopment Arising from Surround Sound Recordings
Retargeting Expressive Musical Style from Classical Music Recordings Using a Support Vector Machine
Multiactuator Panels for Wave Field Synthesis: Evolution and Present Developments
Improving the Magnitude Responses of Digital Filters for Loudspeaker Equalization
Improving Low Bit-Rate Coding
Fast Measurement of Motor Suspension Nonlinearities in Loudspeaker Manufacturing
Spectral and Spatial Parameter Resolution Requirements for Parametric, Filter-Bank-Based HRTF Processing
Comparative Study of Design and Implementation Strategies of Automotive Virtual Surround Audio Systems
Fractional Delay in the Frequency Domain for Beamforming Applications
Comments on “Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback”
Audio in Multimodal Applications
The 48-Volt Phantom Menace Returns
EW-PESQ: A Quality Assessment Method for Speech Signals Sampled at 48 kHz
Modeling the External Ear Acoustics for Insert Headphone Usage
Holographic Design of a Source Array Achieving a Desired Sound Field
Mechanical Characterization and Parametric Study of a Miniature Capacitor Microphone
Comments on “Estimating the Velocity Profile and Acoustical Quantities of a Harmonically Vibrating Loudspeaker Membrane from On-Axis Pressure Data”
The Art and Business of Game Audio
The Hearing-Aid Speech Quality Index (HASQI)
Generation of Independent Bright Zones for a Two-Channel Private Audio System
An Active Load and Test Method for Evaluating the Efficiency of Audio Power Amplifiers
Stereo Panning Information for Music Information Retrieval Tasks
Digital Audio Effects and Simulations
Theory and Practice of Modified Frequency Modulation Synthesis
Frequency Dependence of Damping and Compliance in Loudspeaker Suspensions
Discrimination of MP3-Compressed Musical Instrument Tones
Synthesis of the Dan Trahn Based on a Parameter Extraction System
Wireless Microphones for Live Sound
Parametric Spring Reverberation Effect
Reverse Engineering of a Mix
Closed-Box Loudspeaker with a Series Capacitor
Acoustical Design of a Bluetooth Earphone Using Simulated Annealing Optimization
Time-Frequency Processing of Spatial Audio
Modeling the Intermodulation Distortion of a Coaxial Loudspeaker
Investigations on an Early-Reflection-Free Model for BRIRs
Measurement System for Personalized Head-Related Transfer Functions and Its Verification by Virtual Source Localization Trials with Visually Impaired and Sighted Individuals
Large-Signal Design and Performance of a Digital PWM Amplifier
Loudspeakers and Rooms: The Low Down
Source–Filter Modeling in the Sinusoid Domain
Adaptively Adjusting the Stereophonic Sweet Spot to the Listener’s Position
Auralization of Audio–Tactile Stimuli from Acoustic and Structural Measurements
Improving the Response of Loudspeaker Line Arrays by a Staggered Arrangement of High-Frequency Waveguides
Sound Quality Evaluation
Unmixing Acoustic Sources in Real Reverberant Environments for Close-Microphone Applications
Comparative Evaluation of Howling Detection Criteria in Notch-Filter-Based Howling Suppression
Microphone Array Optimization for a Hearing Restoration Headset
Interband Mutual Information in Blind Audio Bandwidth Extension
Forensic Audio Analysis
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