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Concept, Design, and Implementation of a General Dynamic Parametric Equalizer
Sound Texture Synthesis Using an Overlap–Add/Granular Synthesis Approach
Editor's Note, paper review process
Design and Performance of a Sigma–Delta Digital Loudspeaker Array Prototype
Hierarchical Bandwidth Limitation of Surround Sound—Part II: Optimization of Bandwidth Allocation Strategy
Novel Transducers
Auditory Landmarks Enhance Circular Vection in Multimodal Virtual Reality
Design of a Digital Artificial Reverberation System Using a Dual All-Pass Filter
Designing Low-Frequency Enhanced Loudspeaker Systems Using a Vibration-Absorber Theory
Searching, Analyzing, and Recommending Audio Content
Resynthesis of Sound Scenes on Wave-Field Synthesis from Stereo Mixtures Using Sound Source Separation Algorithms
A Study on the Temporal Evolution and Sound-Field Homogeneity in Small Rooms
Binaural Sound Source Localization in Real and Virtual Rooms
Tonality Estimation and Frequency Tracking of Modulated Tonal Components
Virtualized Listening Tests for Loudspeakers
Audio Networking for the Pros
Objective Speech Intelligibility Measurement on the Basis of Natural Speech in Combination with Perceptual Modeling
Design of a Highly Directional Endfire Loudspeaker Array
Participant Testing of AM Broadcast Transmission Bandwidth and Audio Performance Measurements of Broadcast AM Receivers
Dynamics Distortion: Loudspeaker Sensitivity Modulation Generated by Audio Signals
Hearing Enhancement
Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation
Multichannel Room Impulse Response Rendering on the Basis of Underdetermined Data
Perceptual Study and Auditory Analysis on Digital Crossover Filters
Usability Issues in Listening to Natural Sounds with an Augmented Reality Audio Headset
Correction to “Virtualized Listening Tests for Loudspeakers”
Sound and Music for Games: Prokofiev to Pac-Man to Guitar Hero
Audio Rides the Light of Fiber Optics: A Tutorial
Distributed Mechanical Parameters of Loudspeakers, Part 1: Measurements
Combining Methods for Multichannel Room Impulse Response Generation and Objective and Subjective Performance Evaluation
Spectral Delay Filters
Multichannel Fast-Acting Dynamic Range Compression Hinders Performance by Young, Normal-Hearing Listeners in a Two-Talker Separation Task
DTV Audio Myths
Applications of ENF Analysis in Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio and Video Recordings
Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio Recordings
Distributed Mechanical Parameters of Loudspeakers, Part 2: Diagnostics
Directional Audio Coding: Virtual Microphone-Based Synthesis and Subjective Evaluation
AES White Paper: Best Practices in Network Audio
New Frontiers in Audio Forensics
New Methodology for the Acoustic Design of Compression Driver Phase Plugs with Concentric Annular Channels
Automatic Language Recognition on Spontaneous Speech: The ATVS-UAM System
High-Definition Audio Spectrum Separation via Frequency Response Masking Filter Banks
Wide-Range Electrostatic Loudspeaker with a Zero-Free Polar Response
On the Move with Multichannel
High Definition Television: An Update for Audio Engineers
A Double-Talk Detector Using Audio Watermarking
Automatic Monitor Mixing for Live Musical Performance
A Multimicrophone Voice Activity Detection System Based on Mutual Information
A Loudspeaker with Dual Coils and Dual Magnetics
Sound in Motion: Automotive Audio Drives Forward
Estimating the Velocity Profile and Acoustical Quantities of a Harmonically Vibrating Loudspeaker Membrane from On-Axis Pressure Data
Psychoacoustic Evaluation of Systems for Delivering Spatialized Augmented-Reality Audio
Ensemble Hand-Clapping Experiments under the Influence of Delay and Various Acoustic Environments
FlexSM: A Flexible Sinusoidal Modeling System
Class D Power Amplification
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