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Control of Synthesized Vibrato during Portamento Musical Pitch Transitions
A New HRTF Interpolation Approach for Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Environmental Interaction
Objective Measurement of Perceived Auditory Quality in Multichannel Audio Compression Coding Systems
Nonlinear Intermodulation of Two Coherent Acoustic Progressive Waves Emitted by a Wide-Bandwidth Loudspeaker
Understanding Sigma-Delta Modulation: The Solved and Unsolved Issues
DSP in Loudspeakers
Anatomy of the Soundscape: Evolving Perspectives
Efficient Algorithms and Structures for Fractional Delay Filtering Based on Lagrange Interpolation
Hierarchical Bandwidth Limitations of Surround Sound—Part I: Psychoacoustically Hierarchical Transform
Parallel Look-Ahead Digital SDM with Energy-Balance Binary Comparator
All-Pass Linear Arrays
Correction to “Nonlinear Distortion Synthesis Using the Split-Sideband Method, with Applications to Adaptive Signal Processing”
Are You Hearing What I’m Hearing?
How FCC “White Space” Decision Will Affect U.S. Pro Audio
Digital Audio Antiquing-Signal Processing Methods for Imitating the Sound Quality of Historical Recordings
Evaluation of HE-ACC, AC-3, and E-AC-3 Codecs
Sound Field Analysis along a Circle and Its Applications to HRTF Interpolation
A New Method for Measuring Distortion Using a Multitone Stimulus and Noncoherence
Forensic Audio Analysis
Adaptive Virtual Surround Sound Rendering System for an Arbitrary Listening Position
Efficient Audio Equalization Using Multirate Processing
Spectral Impairment of Two-Dimensional Higher Order Ambisonics
Using a Steered-Response Power-Phase Transform to Optimize Speech Pickup in Reverberant Environments
Orchestrating Automotive Audio
Subjective Intelligibility Evaluation in Multiple-Talker Situation for Virtual Acoustic Opening-Based Audio Environments
Source Placement for Equalization in Small Enclosures
Development of a Super-Wide-Range Microphone for Sound Recording
Application of Wavelets to Onset Transients and Inharmonicity of Piano Tones
Loudspeakers, Reflections, and Rooms
On Some Biases Encountered in Modern Audio Quality Listening Tests-A Review
Binaural Loudness for Artificial-Head Measurements in Directional Sound Fields
Mechanical Resonances and Geometrical Nonlinearities in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Virtual Sound Source Rendering Using a Multipole-Expansion and Method-of-Moments Approach
If It's Loud, Does That Mean It's Bad?
Concert Hall Acoustics—2008
Noncontact Surface Metrology for Preservation and Sound Recovery from Mechanical Sound Recordings
Automatic Musical Genre Classification Using a Flexible Approach
Modeling Frequency-Dependent Boundaries as Digital Impedance Filters in FDTD and K-DWM Room Acoustics Simulations
Signal Processing for 3-D Audio
Performance Analysis of Digital Loudspeaker Arrays
Nonlinear Distortion Synthesis Using the Split-Sideband Method, with Applications to Adaptive Signal Processing
Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model for Dynamic Moving-Coil Transducers Incorporating a Semi-Inductor
System for Automatic Singing Voice Recognition
The Future of Home Audio
Low-Frequency Loudspeaker–Room Simulation Using Finite Differences in the Time Domain—Part 1: Analysis
Adaptive RD Optimized Hybrid Sound Coding
Modifying the Directional Responses of a Coincident Pair of Microphones by Postprocessing
Corpuscular Streaming and Parametric Modification Paradigm for Spatial Audio Teleconferencing
Correction to “Binaural Loudness for Artificial-Head Measurements in Directional Sound Fields”
Let the Games Be Mobile
Concert Hall Acoustics
Controlled Acoustic Bass System (CABS) A Method to Achieve Uniform Sound Field Distribution at Low Frequencies in Rectangular Rooms
MPEG Surround-The ISO/MPEG Standard for Efficient and Compatible Multichannel Audio Coding
Modeling the Transient Acoustic Field Radiated by a Loudspeaker
Some Observations on Sensitivity to HRTF Magnitude
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