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ISO/IEC MPEG-4 High-Definition Scalable Advanced Audio Coding
Spatial Distribution of Distortion and Spectrally Shaped Quantization Noise in Digital Micro-Array Loudspeakers
Optimal Design of Loudspeaker Systems Based on Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP)
An Analytical Model of a Piezoelectric Unimorph Transducer with an Aluminum Cone
Can You Really Hear It? Psychoacoustics in Action
On the Audibility of All-Pass Phase in Electroacoustical Transfer Functions
A Digital Plate Reverberation Algorithm
Multiband Audio Processing and Its Influence on the Coverage Area of FM Stereo Transmission
Multichannel Audio Processing Using a Unified-Domain Representation
Reverberation and Dereverberation
Blind Cancellation of Stereo-Base Widening
Examination of Multichannel Sound-Field Recomposition Utilizing Frequency-Dependent Interaural Cross Correlation (FIACC)
Derivation of a Transfer Function for Imaging Polarimetry Used in Magneto-Optical Investigations of Audio Tapes in Authenticity Investigations
DSP Techniques for Determining “Wow” Distortion
Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices
Background, Concept, and Architecture for the Recent MPEG Surround Standard on Multichannel Audio Compression
Forensic Enhancement of Digital Audio Recordings
Intelligent Preprocessing and Classification of Audio Signals
Estimating the Instantaneous Frequency of Sinusoidal Components Using Phase-Based Methods
Wireless Microphones in Live Sound Applications
Dynamic Measurement of Loudspeaker Suspension Parts
On the Stability of Time-Varying Recursive Filters
Direct Acoustic Digital-to-Analog Conversion with Digital Transducer Array Loudspeakers
Spatial Sound Reproduction with Directional Audio Coding
Spatial Audio
Modeling of Loudspeaker Systems Using High-Resolution Data
Robust Two-Dimensional Surround Sound Reproduction for Nonuniform Loudspeaker Layouts
Thresholds of Detection for Changes to the Q Factor of Low-Frequency Modes in Listening Environments
Multiple Exponential Sweep Method for Fast Measurement of Head-Related Transfer Functions
Analysis, Synthesis, Voice
Perceptual Enhancement of Wavefield Synthesis by Stereophonic Means
A Perceptual Approach for Interaural Transfer Function Calculations Based on Wiener Filtering
Evaluation of Weighted Principal-Component Analysis Matching for Wavetable Synthesis
Audibility of a CD-Standard A/DA/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback
Auditory Displays
Implementing Asymmetrical Crossovers
Ultrahigh-Resolution Audio Formats for Mastering and Archival Applications
The Effect of Stereo Crosstalk on Intelligibility: Comparison of a Phantom Stereo Image and a Central Loudspeaker Source
Ambisonic Synthesis of Complex Sources
Intelligent Audio Environments
Digital Broadcasting in the IP Age
The Influence of Impulse Response Length and Transition Bandwidth of Magnitude Complementary Crossovers on Perceived Sound Quality
Robust and Efficient Implementation of the PEM—AFROW Algorithm for Acousic Feedback Cancellation
Beat Deviation for Tempo Estimation Algorithms
Subjective and Objective Evaluation of the Optimal Source Distribution for Virtual Acoustic Imaging
Degradation Decomposition of the Perceived Quality of Speech Signals on the Basis of a Perceptual Modeling Approach
Comparison of Four Subwoofer Measurement Techniques
Analysis of Multiactuator Panels in the Space-Time Wavenumber Domain
Adaptive Wave Field Synthesis for Sound Field Reproduction: Theory, Experiments, and Future Perspectives
High Resolution Audio
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