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A Hybrid Time–Frequency Domain Approach to Audio Time-Scale Modification
Spatial Impulse Response Rendering II: Reproduction of Diffuse Sound and Listening Tests
Effects of Headtracker Latency in Virtual Audio Displays
Active All-Pass Crossover Networks with Equal Resistors and Equal Capacitors
Audio Forensics
Audio Networking: Applications and Requirements
A Look Back at the 1952 Parkin-Taylor Paper: Speech Reinforcement in St. Paul’s Cathedral
Modulation and System Techniques in PWM and SDM Switching Amplifiers
A Search for Best Error Metrics to Predict Discrimination of Original and Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds
Advanced Simulation of a Condenser Microphone Capsule
Bit-Rate Scalable Intraframe Sinusoidal Audio Coding Based on Rate-Distortion Optimization
Stereophonic Recording Techniques: Old Challenges, New Approaches
A Hybrid Technique for Validating Unidimensionality of Perceived Variation in a Spatial Auditory Stimulus Set
Spatially Modulated Auditory Alerts for Aviation
Dynamic Crosstalk Cancellation for Binaural Synthesis in Virtual Reality Environments
Model Optimization of Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker Using Attached Masses
Audio Power Amplification
Low-Frequency Optimization Using Multiple Subwoofers
Identification of Quality Attributes of Spatial Audio by Repertory Grid Technique
Conversion of Discretely Sampled Sound Field Data to Auralization Formats
Compensating the Response of Near-Field Loudspeaker Monitors to Minimize the Effects of Desktop Acoustic Loading
On the Road to Better Listening: An Update on Automotive Audio
Loudness Trumps Everything
Loudspeakers and Rooms for Sound Reproduction—A Scientific Review
A Comparison of the “Pruned-Tree” versus “Stack” Algorithms for Look-Ahead Sigma–Delta Modulators
Evaluation of Sound Quality, Boominess, and Boxiness in Small Rooms
Effect of Reflectors on Sound-Source Localization with Two Microphones
Enhanced Multichannel Audio
Surround Sound: A Chance for Enhanced Creativity [A Workshop from the AES 119th Convention]
A Robust and Computationally Efficient Speech/Music Discriminator
Vibrations of Loudspeaker Cones in the Transitional Range
Real-Time Processing of Image Sources Using Binary Space Partitioning
Cumulative Spectral Analysis for Transient Decaying Signals in a Transmission System Including a Feedback Loop
Digital Radio Broadcasting
Perception and Analysis of Selected Auditory Events with Frequency-Dependent Directions
Extraction of Auditory Features and Elicitation of Attributes for the Assessment of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
Frequency-Domain Algorithms for Audio Signal Enhancement Based on Transient Modification
Noise Power Modulation in Dithered and Undithered High-Order Sigma-Dela Modulators
The Next Generation of Audio Communications
Tutorial: Loudspeaker Nonlinearities—Causes, Parameters, Symptoms
Efficient Resonant Loudspeakers with Large Form-Factor Design Freedom
Vibrotactile Enhancement of Auditory-Induced Self-Motion and Spatial Presence
Virtual Air Guitar
Binaural Technology for Mobile Applications
Multiple-Loudspeaker Playback of Stereo Signals
Structural and Acoustic Analysis of Multiactuator Panels
Synthesis and Implementation of Virtual Bass System with a Phase-Vocoder Approach
Validation of ITU-T P.563 Single-Ended Objective Speech Quality Measurement
Using Game-Audio Tools to Build Audio Research Applications
Preventing Hearing Loss
Equalization in an Extended Area Using Multichannel Inversion and Wave Field Synthesis
Filter Design Method for Loudspeaker Equalization Based on IIR Parametric Filters
Perceptually Biased Linear Prediction
Application and Verfication of the Objective Quality Assessment Method According to ITU Recommendation Series ITU-T P.862
Forging Ahead with Spatial Audio Coding
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