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The Software Studio In The Age Of Audio Networking
Some Thoughts On The Dynamiics Of Reproduced Sound
A New Cognitive Model for Objective Assessment of Audio Quality
Multiple Piano Note Identification Using a Spectral Matching Method with Derived Patterns
Development and Initial Validation of a Multichannel Audio Quality Expert System
Auditory Evacuation Beacons
Vertical Localization of Sound from Multiway Loudspeakers
Comparison of Basic Audio Quality and Timbral and Spatial Fidelity Changes Caused by Limitation of Bandwidth and by Down-mix Algorithms in 5.1 Surround Audio Systems
Intercomparison Measurements of Room Acoustical Parameters and Measures for Speech Intelligibility in a Room with a Sound System
Wavetable Synthesis Strategies for Mobile Devices
New Developments In Low Bit-rate Coding
System Measurement and Identification Using Pseudorandom Filtered Noise and Music Sequences
Synthesis of Room Responses Using Virtual Source Representation with Application in Reverberator Design
Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker Efficiency at Fundamental Resonance
A Comparison between Local Search and Genetic Algorithm Methods for Wavetable Matching
Multichannel Audio Systems And Techniques
Shake, Rattle, And Roll: Gettiing Immersed In Multisensory, Interactiive Music Via Broadband Networks
Effect of Noise and Transducer Variability on the Performance of Circular Microphone Arrays
The Active Listening Room. A Novel Approach to Early Reflection Manipulation in Critical Listening Rooms
Audible Noise Suppression with a Real-Time Broad-Band Superdirective Microphone Array
Low-DC-Resistance, Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Enclosures
Measuring and Predicting Perceived Audio Quality
Low Peak Amplitudes for Group Additive Synthesis
Reconstruction of Recorded Sound from an Edison Cylinder Using Three-Dimensional Noncontact Optical Surface Metrology
Large-Signal Analysis of Class A Vacuum Triode Push–Pull Output Stage
Servo Control of Loudspeaker Cone Motion Using an Optical Linear Displacement Sensor
Automotive Audio Quality
High-Efficiency Low-Bl Loudspeakers
Discrimination of Group Delay in Clicklike Signals Presented via Headphones and Loudspeakers
A Simple Hybrid Approach to the Time-Scale Modification of Speech
Directivity of Artificial and Human Speech
High-Density Optical-Disk Formats
Directional Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Paths Using a Spherical Microphone Array
Decomposition of Impulse Responses Using Complex Wavelets
Optimal Design and Synthesis of Reverberators with a Fuzzy User Interface for Spatial Audio
Evaluation of Iterative Methods for Wavetable Matching
Digital Music Notation Formats
Long Interpolation of Audio Signals Using Linear Prediction in Sinusoidal Modeling
Development and Evaluation of a Model for Predicting the Audibility of Time-Varying Sounds in the Presence of Background Sounds
Directional Resolution of Head-Related Transfer Functions Required in Binaural Synthesis
New Type of Acoustic Filter Using Periodic Polymer Layers for Measuring Audio Signal Components Excited by Amplitude-Modulated High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves
Program Loudness Revisited
The Evolving World of Film Sound
Three-Dimensional Surround Sound Systems Based on Spherical Harmonics
High-Order Digital Parametric Equalizer Design
Stability and Sensitivity Analyses for Diffusers with Single and Multiple Active Elements
Acoustic Analysis and Design of Miniature Loudspeakers for Mobile Phones
Loudspeaker Array Technology
Spatial Impulse Response Rendering I: Analysis and Synthesis
Perception of Modal Distribution Metrics in Critical Listening Spaces—Dependence on Room Aspect Ratios
Artificial Reverberation Control Using Cepstrum Decomposition While Maintaining Locations of Peaks and Dips on the Frequency Responses
Subjective Testing of Compression Drivers
Audio Processing for the Hearing Impaired
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