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Simultaneous Measurement of Multichannel Acoustic Systems
Nonlinear Modeling of the Heat Transfer in Loudspeakers
A New Thermal Model for Loudspeakers
Effect of Arrival Time Correction on the Accuracy of Binaural Impulse Response Interpolation--Interpolation Methods of Binaural Response
New Horizons in Listening Test Design
Novel Surround Sound Microphone and Panning Techniques--A digest of selected recent AES convention and conference papers
Coding for High-Resolution Audio Systems
Audio Analog-to-Digital Converters
Future Design Challenges for Audio Converter Products
One-Bit Audio: An Overview
Lossless Compression of 1-Bit Audio
Pulse-Code Modulation--An Overview
Antialias Filters and System Transient Response at High Sample Rates
The MLP Lossless Compression System for PCM Audio
Audio Gets Smart: A Workshop on Semantic Audio Analysis
Audio for Games: Let the Games Continue
Graphing, Interpretation, and Comparison of Results of Loudspeaker Nonlinear Distortion Measurements
Impedance Compensation Networks for the Lossy Voice-Coil Inductance of Loudspeaker Drivers
Scalable, Content-Based Audio Identification by Multiple Independent Psychoacoustic Matching
On the Detection of Melodic Pitch in a Percussive Background
Historical Perspectives and Technology Overview of Loudspeakers for Sound Reinforcement
DSP in Loudspeakers
Surround Live Summary
Analysis of Loudspeaker Line Arrays
Fast Convolution Technique Using a Nonuniform Sampling Scheme: Algorithm and Applications in Audio Signal Processing
Measurement of Reverberation Times Using a Wavelet Filter Bank and Application to a Passenger Car
Wavetable Matching of Pitched Inharmonic Instrument Tones
Wavefield Synthesis: Evolution from Stereophony and Some Practical Challenges
Efficient Generation of Multichannel Dither Signals
Time-Quantized Frequency Modulation, Time-Domain Dither, Dispersive Codes, and Parametrically Controlled Noise Shaping in SDM
Augmented Reality Audio for Mobile and Wearable Appliances
Room Sizing and Optimization at Low Frequencies
How Loud Is My Broadcast?
Predicting the Perceived Quality of Nonlinearly Distorted Music and Speech Signals
Multi-Actuator Panels (MAPs) as Loudspeaker Arrays for Wave Field Synthesis
Hierarchical Automatic Audio Signal Classification
A Frequency-Domain Approach to Multichannel Upmix
Errors in Real-Time Room Acoustics Dereverberation
Development and Validation of a Method for Predicting the Perceived Naturalness of Sounds Subjected to Spectral Distortion
Interpositional Transfer Function for 3D-Sound Generation
Measurement and Application of Equivalent Input Distortion
Bass Handling in Spatial Reproduction
Subjective Investigations of Inverse Filtering
Analysis of a Folded Acoustic Horn
The Distributed Edge Dipole (DED) Model for Cabinet Diffraction Effects
Subjective Loudspeaker Testing for Accuracy
A Symposium on Multichannel Audio for Radio Broadcasters
Dithered Noise Shapers and Recursive Digital Filters
Motion-Tracked Binaural Sound
Importance and Representation of Phase in the Sinusoidal Model
Direct Approximate Third-Order Response Synthesis of Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems
Metadata Revisited: Six New Things to Know About Audio Metadata
Digital Archive Strategies and Solutions for Radio Broadcasting
Subtractive and Nonsubtractive Dithering: A Mathematical Comparison
Measuring and Predicting the Perceived Quality of Music and Speech Subjected to Combined Linear and Nonlinear Distortion
Circular Recital Hall Design Considering Source Directivity
Study of the Directional Characteristics of a Piston Mounted on a Surface of Zero Acoustic Impedance
Real-World Applications of ATM Networking for Professional Audio Using the AES47 Standard
The World of Digital Radio
AES - Audio Engineering Society