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Complete Journal: Volume 5 Issue 1
Mechanical Crossover Characteristics in Dual Diaphragm Loudspeakers
Reverberation Chambers for Broadcasting and Recording Studios
The Corona Wind Loudspeaker
Tape Storage Problems
Coincident Sound for Home Movies Provided by Tape Recorders
The Audio-visual Requirements of the Overseas Missionary
A Survey of Factors Limiting the Performance of Magnetic Recording Systems
You Can Write Better Technical Reports
Complete Journal: Volume 5 Issue 2
Note on Reverberation Chambers
Evaluation of Tape Recorders
Limiting Factors in Gramophone Reproduction
Impedance-Matched or Optimum?
Innovations in Studio Design and Construction in the Capitol Tower Recording Studios
The Bias Characteristics of Tape Recorders
The Application of Velocity Microphones to Stereophonic Recording
An In-Line Two-Channel Magnetic Head of Universal Application
Practical Aspects of Hot Stylus
Tape Recorder Flutter: Causes and Effects
Solution to Some Problems in Making Master Tapes
Complete Journal: Volume 5 Issue 3
Amplitude Distortion as a Function of Frequency
Problems of Bass Reproduction in Loudspeakers
Concept of a New Magnetic Recording Medium
Basic Requirements for a Stereophonic System
The Consumer Looks at Standards
A Corner Loudspeaker with Coaxial Acoustical Line
Subjective Discrimination of Pitch and Amplitude Fluctuations in Recording Systems
Noise in Magnetic Recording Tapes
The Calibration of Disc Recordings by Light-Pattern Measurements
Complete Journal: Volume 5 Issue 4
Some Notes on Artificial Reverberation
The High-Fidelity User Looks at Pickup Design
The Consumer's Viewpoint on High Fidelity
Some Defects in Amplifier Performance Not Covered by Standard Specifications
The Design of a High-Fidelity Amplifier for Domestic Use
A Transistor Preamplifier Design for Magnetic Pickups
Problems and Considerations of Tape Duplicating Production
Artificial Reverberation
Learning, a Major Factor Influencing Preferences for High-Fidelity Systems
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