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Free-Field Equivalent Localization of Virtual Audio
A New Approach to the Automatic Recognition of Musical Recordings
A Simple Loudspeaker Array and Associated Crosstalk Canceler for Improved 3D Audio
Digital Filters for Low-Frequency Equalization
On Sound Radiation from Ported Enclosures
The Effects of Specular Versus Diffuse Reflections on the Frequency Response at the Listener
Sound Composition with Pulsars
Development of the Two-Stage Harmonic Balance Method to Estimate Nonlinear Parameters of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Extracting Room Reverberation Time from Speech Using Artificial Neural Networks
Introduction to Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs): Representations of HRTFs in Time, Frequency, and Space
Perceptual Wavetable Matching for Synthesis of Musical Instrument Tones
Signal Mixing for a 5.1-Channel Surround Sound System'Analysis and Experiment
Localization with Binaural Recordings from Artificial and Human Heads
Distortion and Directivity in a Digital Transducer Array Loudspeaker
Adaptive Parametric Schemes for Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Signals
Verbal and Nonverbal Elicitation Techniques in the Subjective Assessment of Spatial Sound Reproduction
Transfer-Function Measurement with Sweeps
Estimation of a Spherical-Head Model from Anthropometry
Transparent Differential Coding for High-Resolution Digital Audio
Digital Libraries, Preservation, and Metadata
MPEG-7 and MPEG-7 Audio'An Overview
Improving Access to Digital Video Archives through Informedia Technology
In Search of a Mapping from Parameter Space to Perceptual Space
From Single-Carrier Sound Archive to BWF Online Archive'A New Optimized Workstation Concept
Preserving the Facts for the Future: Principles and Practices for the Transfer of Analog Audio Documents into the Digital Domain
Why Archive Audio Metadata?
Saving America's Aural Legacy
Audio Archiving for 100 Years and Longer: Once We Decide What to Save, How Should We Do It?
Preserving Our Musical Heritage: A Musician's Outreach to Audio Engineers
The Jack Mullin/Bill Palmer Tape Restoration Project
Forward into the Past'Protecting Our Musical Heritage: An Architecture Guide for the Music Community
Localization of Amplitude-Panned Virtual Sources I: Stereophonic Panning
Localization of Amplitude-Panned Virtual Sources II: Two- and Three-Dimensional Panning
Representing Musical Instrument Sounds for Their Automatic Classification
A Reverberation Model Based on Objective Parameters of Subjective Perception
Correction to 'Improving Access to Digital Video Archives Through Informedia Technology'
An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Reverberation Viewpoints
Direct Comparison of the Impact of Head Tracking, Reverberation, and Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions on the Spatial Perception of a Virtual Speech Source
Multitone Testing of Sound System Components'Some Results and Conclusions, Part 1: History and Theory
Perceptual Tolerances for Decay Parameters in Plucked String Synthesis
A Simplified Wavetable Matching Method Using Combinatorial Basis Spectra Selection
High-Intensity Infrasonic Acoustic Test System that Uses a Two-Volume Helmholtz Resonator
Comparison of Numerical Simulation Models and Measured Low-Frequency Behavior of Loudspeaker Enclosures
A Method for Long Extrapolation of Audio Signals
Multitone Testing of Sound System Components'Some Results and Conclusions, Part 2: Modeling and Application
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