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Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 1/2
Comparison of Loudspeaker Equalization Methods Based on DSP Techniques
The Acoustic Lever Loudspeaker Enclosure
Electronic Damping for Dynamic Drivers in Vented Enclosures (C)
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 3
Modeling Piano Tones with Group Synthesis
Noise Relations for Parallel Connected Transistors
Acoustics of Russian Classical Opera Houses
The Future of Audio Recording
Evaluation of Artificial Heads in Listening Tests
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 4
Analyzing Virtual Sound Source Attributes Using a Binaural Auditory Model
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Head-Related Transfer Function Filter Design
Implementation of a New Algorithm Using the STFT with Variable Frequency Resolution for the Time-Frequency Auditory Model
Tone Bursts for the Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Loudspeaker Frequency Response in Ordinary Rooms
AES White Paper 1001: Networking Audio and Music Using Internet2 and Next-Generation Internet Capabilities
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 5
Performance of the Genetic Annealing Algorithm in DFM Synthesis of Dynamic Musical Sound Samples
The Influence of Video Quality on Perceived Audio Quality and Vice Versa
A Novel Intensimetric Technique for Monitoring the Radiative Properties of Sound Fields
Ab Initio Model for Triode Tube
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 6
Air-Related Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortion in Large Sound Systems
Time-Domain Nonlinear Modeling of Practical Electroacoustic Transducers
A Study on the Derivation of Transfer Functions for Sound Image Localization Using Stereo Earphones
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 7/8
Controlled Subjective Assessments of Two-to-Five-Channel Surround Sound Processing Algorithms
Digital Filter Design for Inversion Problems in Sound Reproduction
Building a Plane-Wave Tube: Experimental and Theoretical Aspects
Audio Sound Reproduction Based on Nonlinear Interaction of Acoustic Waves
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 9
Creating Interactive Virtual Acoustic Environments
MATLAB Program for Loudspeaker Equalization and Crossover Design
A Real-Time Speech-Music Discriminator
The Use of Airborne Ultrasonics for Generating Audible Sound Beams
Fundamentals of Modern Audio Measurement
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 10
Attack and Release Time Constants in RMS-Based Feedback Compressors
Applications of Digital Watermarking Technology in Audio Signals
Modeling the Woodstock Gamelan for Synthesis
Virtual Acoustic Displays for Teleconferencing: Intelligibility Advantage for 'Telephone-Grade' Audio
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 11
Digital Audio and the Challenge of the Internet
Errors in MLS Measurements Caused by Time Variance in Acoustic Systems
New Phase-Vocoder Techniques are Real-Time Pitch Shifting, Chorusing, Harmonizing, and Other Exotic Audio Modifications
Dependence of Subject and Measurement Position in Binaural Signal Acquisition
A Worst-Case Analysis for Analog-Quality (Alias-Free) Digital Dynamics Processing
Complete Journal: Volume 47 Issue 12
Wigner Distribution Representation and Analysis of Audio Signals: An Illustrated Tutorial Review
Relationships between Noise Shaping and Nested Differentiating Feedback Loops
A Unified Fast Algorithm for Cosine Modulated Filter Banks in Current Audio Coding Standards
Synthesis Modeling of the Chinese Dizi, Bawu, and Sheng
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