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Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 1/2
Silicon Microphones
The Sound of Midrange Horns for Studio Monitors
Automated Parameter Optimization of Double Frequency Modulation Synthesis Using the Genetic Annealing Algorithm
A Time-Frequency Auditory Model Using Wavelet Packets
Audio Compression for Network Transmission (F)
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 3
Design and Validation of a System for Selecting Optimized Midrange Loudspeaker Diaphragm Profiles
MIDAS-MILAN: An Open Distributed Processing System for Audio Signal Processing
Group Synthesis with Genetic Algorithms
Performance of Cascade and Parallel IIR Filters
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 4
A Comparison of Dithered and Chaotic Sigma-Delta Modulators
Harmonic Balance Method for Estimating the Nonlinear Parameter of Electrodynamic
New Method of Characterizing Drive Linearity
Optimizing the Decay Range in Room Acoustics Measurements Using Maximum-Length-Sequence Techniques
Audio and MIDI Markup Tools for the World Wide Web
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 5
Physical Modeling of Plucked String Instruments with Application to Real-Time Sound Synthesis
Designing Curved Diffusers for Performance Spaces
A Microphone Array for Multimedia Workstations
An Analysis Procedure for Room Acoustics and Sound Amplification Systems Based on the Early-to-Late Sound Energy Ratio
Routing MIDI Messages Over Ethernet
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 6
Correction to -Constant-Beamwidth One-Octave Bandwidth End-Fire Line Array of Loudspeakers-
Binaural Technique: Do We Need Individual Recordings?
Modeling the Nonlinearities in Horn Loudspeakers
Computation and Memory Tradeoffs with Multiple Wavetable Interpolation
Design of Logarithmically Spaced Constant-Directivity Transducer Arrays
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 7/8
Frequency and Angular Resolution for Measuring, Presenting, and Predicting Loudspeaker Polar Data
A Model of Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Horns
Discrete Summation Synthesis of Musical Instrument Tones Using Genetic Algorithms
Improving Audio Codecs by Noise Substitution
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 9
Generalized Transaural Stereo and Applications
Lossless Coding for Audio Discs
Error Correction in Audio Amplifiers
An Alternative Algorithm for Estimating and Tracking Talker Location by Microphone Arrays
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 10
Addendum to -On the Acoustic Impedance of Baffled Strip Radiators-
Nonlinear System Identification for Horn Loudspeakers
Design and Commissioning of Sound Reinforcement Systems for the Australian Parliament-A Holistic Approach
Experimental Auralization of Car Audio Installations
Analyzing Listening Tests with the Directional Two-Tailed Test
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 11
The Design of Encoding Functions for Stereophonic and Polyphonic Sound Systems
Compensation for Nonlinear Distortion of Horn Loudspeakers by Digital Signal Processing
Multichannel Signal Processing Techniques in the Reproduction of Sound
Experiments on a System for the Synthesis of Virtual Acoustic Sources
Complete Journal: Volume 44 Issue 12
Co-talker Separation Using the 'Cocktail Party Effect'
An Integral Limitation upon Loudspeaker Frequency Response for a Given Enclosure Volume
Compatibility Matrixing of Multichannel Bit-Rate-Reduced Audio Signals
Sound Reinforcement by Wavefield Synthesis: Adaptation of the Synthesis Operator to the Loudspeaker Directivity Characteristics
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