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Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 1/2
Comments on -A Low-Cost End-Fire Acoustic Radiator-
On the Nature of Granulation Noise in Uniform Quantization Systems
PERCEVAL: Perceptual Evaluation of the Quality of Audio Signals
Noise Analysis of Transformer-Coupled Preamplifiers
Heat Dissipation and Power Compression in Loudspeakers
Comments on -An Empirical Model for Loudspeaker Motor Impedance- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 3
AES3-1992: The Revised Two-Channel Digital Audio Interface
The QRD Diffractal: A New One- or Two-Dimensional Fractal Sound Diffusor
A Design Method for High-Audio-Quality FM Multiplex Encoders
A Comparison of Some Loudness Measures for Loudspeaker Listening Tests
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 4
Dynamic Model-Based Linearization of Quantized Pulse-Width Modulation for Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion and Digital Power Amplifier Systems
Neural Network Mapping to Subjective Spectra of Music Sounds
The Application of Digital Signal Processing to Large-Scale Simulation of Room Acoustics: Frequency Response Modeling and Optimization Software for a Multichannel DSP Engine
Headset with Active Noise-Reduction System for Mobile Applications
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 5
Quantization and Dither: A Theoretical Survey
A New Surround-Stereo-Surround Coding Technique
Determining Noise Criteria for Recording Environments
A Linear-Phase Digital Equalizer with Cubic-Spline Frequency Response
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 6
Nonlinear Large-Signal Behavior of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers at Low Frequencies
Analysis-by-Synthesis/Overlap-Add Sinusoidal Modeling Applied to the Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Tones
Full Characterization of Linear Acoustic Networks Based on N-Ports and S Parameters
Fiber-Optic Connector Considerations for Professional Audio
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 7/8
Optimum Reproduction Matrices for Multispeaker Stereo
Selection and Training of Subjects for Listening Tests on Sound-Reproducing Equipment
Psychoacoustically Optimal Noise Shaping
Timbre Solfege: A Course in Technical Listening for Sound Engineers
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 9
The Mirror Filter-A New Basis for Reducing Nonlinear Distortion and Equalizing Response in Woofer Systems
Hierarchical Transmission System for Multispeaker Stereo
Anchor Effect in an Optimum Timbre Adjustment
Hydrophone Techniques for Underwater Sound Pickup
Comments on -New Factors in Sound for Cinema and Television- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 10
Modulation Transfer Function Measurement with Maximum-Length Sequences
Restoration of Old Gramophone Recordings
The Reproduction of Sound in Auditory Perspective and a Compatible System of Stereophony
Microphones and Wind
Comments on -A Simple Theory of Cabinet Edge Diffraction- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 11
Comments on -On the Naturalness of Two-Channel Stereo Sound-
Analytical Design of Biquadratic Filter Sections for Parametric Filters
Nonuniform Sampling of Audio Signals
Perceptual Effects of Synthetic Reverberation on Three-Dimensional Audio Systems
Vintage Professional Loudspeakers: Their Care, Renovation, and Use
Microphone Arrays Optimized for Music Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 40 Issue 12
Accelerated Slope Tone Control Equalizers
A Perceptual Audio Quality Measure Based on a Psychoacoustic Sound Representation
Design Considerations for Loudspeaker Preference Experiments
The Directional Scattering Coefficient: Experimental Determination
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