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Complete Journal: Volume 4 Issue 1
Journal Authors, Volume 4, Number 1
The Use of Spectrograms for Speech Analysis and Synthesis
Synthesis of Speech by Electrical Analog Devices
A Program to Design a High-Quality Pickup
Some Experiences with Mass-Production Tape Duplicating
The Influence of Magnetic Pigment Properties on Coated Recording Media
A Direct-Reading B-H Meter
Control of Amplifier Source Resistance
Complete Journal: Volume 4 Issue 2
Recent Developments in Precision Master Recording Lathes
The Isophase Loudspeaker
Transistor Audio Power-Output Stages
Audio Console Design Notes
An Output-Transformerless Amplifier
Locked Concentric-Grooved Disc for Use in Measurements of Disc-Reproducer Performance
Quality Control of Loudspeakers as It Affects Consumers
Complete Journal: Volume 4 Issue 3
The Radical Tone Arm-An Unconventional Phonograph Pickup Suspension
Tweeter Design Considerations
Free-Field Technique for Secondary Standard Calibration of Microphones
Comments on "On Stylus Wear and Surface Noise in Phonograph Playback System"
New Products and New Applications in the Magnetic-tape and Film Fields
Complete Journal: Volume 4 Issue 4
Development of a New Flight-Deck Loudspeaker for U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers
Some Thoughts on Evaluating Audio Components for the Consumer
Audio in Salmon Research-A Fish Detection System at Bonneville Dam
The Control of Quality in Phonograph Records
A Practical Commercial Output-Transformerless Amplifier
Transistor Input Stage for Phonograph Pickups
A Professional Approach to Home-Recording Systems
Transistorized Microphone Preamplifier and Remote Broadcast Mixer-Amplifier
Theory of the Bridge Amplifier
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