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Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 1/2
Calculation of the Loudness of Loudspeakers during Listening Tests
Principles of Oversampling A/D Conversion
Speech Intelligibility in Some German Sports Stadiums
Design and Measurement of Short Reverberation Times at Low Frequencies in Talks Studios
FORUM: Acoustical Negative Feedback for Gain Control
Fantasia: Innovations in Sound
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 3
Audio Engineering and Psychoacoustics: Matching Signals to the Final Receiver, the Human Auditory System
Equalization of Loudspeaker Drive Units Considering Both On- and Off-Axis Responses
-On the Advantages of Nested Feedback Loops,- Discussion of -On the Advantages of Nested Feedback Loops,- and Authors' Response
Harmonic and Intermodulation Performance of Two-Quadrant Bipolar-Transistor Gain Cells
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 4
Correction to -Speech Intelligibility in Some German Sports Stadiums-
Nonlinearities in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers with Overhung Voice Coils
Accurate Prediction of Speech Intelligibility without the Use of In-Room Measurements
Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters Using a Laser Velocity Transducer and Two-Channel FFT Analysis
Active All-Pass Filters for Audio
Comments on the -Distinction Between Stereophonic and Binaural Sound,- Authors' Replies, and Additional Comments
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 5
Prediction and Measurement of the One-Parameter Behavior of Horns
Loudspeaker Arrays for Improving Speech Intelligibility in a Reverberant Space
Digital Measurement and Comparison of Current-Voltage Output Capability of Amplifiers and Demands of Loudspeakers
A Comparison of Three Methods of Measuring the Volume Velocity of an Acoustic Source
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 6
Combinatorial Music Theory
Noise Shaping and Pulse-Width Modulation for an All-Digital Audio Power Amplifier
Effects of Cable, Loudspeaker, and Amplifier Interactions
Comments on -Acoustic Waveguide Theory- and Author's Reply
Stereo Broadcasting: A 30-Year Retrospective
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 7/8
Theory and Practical Implementation of a Fifth-Order Sigma-Delta A/D Converter
New Factors in Sound for Cinema and Television
A Low-Cost End-Fire Acoustic Radiator
Computer-Aided Electroacoustic Design with SPICE
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 9
A Computer Model of Binaural Localization for Stereo Imaging Measurement
Room-Related Balancing Technique: A Method for Optimizing Recording Quality
An Intuitive View of Coincident Stereo Microphones
A Class D Amplifier Using MOSFETs with Reduced Minority Carrier Lifetime
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 10
Corrections to -Combinatorial Music Theory-
Efficient Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization
Measurement of Panel Reflection Using Acoustical Scale Modeling Techniques
On the Naturalness of Two-Channel Stereo Sound
Making Recordings for Simulation Tests in the Archimedes Project
The Operational Voltage-Controlled Element: Generalizing the VCA
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 11
Corrigendum: To the Gap Loss Formula, the Asymptotic Expansion (Eq. 15a) of Westmijze's -Studies on Magnetic Recording-
Minimally Audible Noise Shaping
Low-Frequency Performance of Listening Rooms for Steady-State and Transient Signals
Challenges to the Successful Implementation of 3-D Sound
A Monolithic Dual Switch for Professional Audio Applications
Complete Journal: Volume 39 Issue 12
The Ethics of Preservation, Restoration, and Re-Issues of Historical Sound Recordings
A Simple Theory of Cabinet Edge Diffraction
A Method for Envelope Warping in Digital Audio Synthesis
Acoustic Wave Action Inside Rectangular Loudspeaker Cabinets
Reliable Detection of Acoustically Coupled DTMF Signals
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