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Authentication of Forensic Audio Recordings
Thermal Parameters and Power Ratings of Loudspeakers
Transaural Stereo and Near-Field Listening
Correction to "An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems"
Analysis and Synthesis of Tones by Spectral Interpolation
A Method of Artificial Reverberation Quality Testing
A Generalized Active Equalizer for Closed-Box Loudspeaker Systems
Comments on -A Model of Loudspeaker Driver Impedance Incorporating Eddy Currents in the Pole Structure- and Author's Reply
Comments on "Impulse Measurement of Acoustic Impedance"
Comments on -The Implementation of Recursive Digital Filters for High-Fidelity Audio,- Author's Reply, and Author's Comments on -The Implementation of Recursive Digital Filters for High-Fidelity Audio-
Fiber Optics-The New Medium for Audio: A Tutorial
Localization of Sound in a Room with Reflecting Walls
Introduction to Volume 38, Number 4, on Loudspeaker Arrays
Measurement and Estimation of Large Loudspeaker Array Performance
An Array Filtering Implementation of a Constant-Beam-Width Acoustic Source
Near-Field and Far-Field Performance of Large Woofer Arrays
Multiple-Beam, Electronically Steered Line-Source Arrays for Sound-Reinforcement Applications
Prediction of the Full-Space Directivity Characteristics of Loudspeaker Arrays
Large Arrays: Measured Free-Field Polar Patterns Compared to a Theoretical Model of a Curved Surface Source
Comparative Performance of Three Types of Directional Devices Used as Concert-Sound Loudspeaker Array Elements
Charge Movements on the Stretched Membrane in a Circular Electrostatic Push-Pull Loudspeaker
Calculation of Sound Radiation from an Unbaffled, Rectangular-Cross-Section Horn Loudspeaker Using Combined Analytical and Boundary-Element Methods
Radiation Impedance Calculations for a Rectangular Piston
Telephone Hybrid with an Automatic Dual DSP Feedback Canceler
Audio Applications of Electrothermomechanical Film (ETMF)
Comments on -A Digital Approach to Time-Delay Spectrometry- and Author's Reply
Increasing Coverage of International Shortwave Broadcast through Improved Audio Processing Techniques
Stereo Reproduction with Good Localization over a Wide Listening Area
An IC Chip Set for 20-bit A/D Conversion
Measuring AES-EBU Digital Audio Interfaces
Dependence of Microphone Pop Data on Loudspeaker Properties
Theory and Real-Time Implementation of Time-Varying Digital Audio Filters
The Effects of Sampling Clock Jitter on Nyquist Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converters, and on Oversampling Delta-Sigma ADCs
An Improved Stereo Microphone Array Using Boundary Technology: Theoretical Aspects
Practical Field Recording Applications: An Improved Stereo Microphone Array Using Boundary Technology
On the Electroacoustic-Analogous Circuit for a Plane Wave Incident on the Diaphragm of a Free-Field Pressure Microphone
The PA-422 Communications Interface and Device Control Language
The Ear as a Mechanism of Communication
A Phase-Linear Audio Equalizer: Design and Implementation
Investigation of the Nonrigid Behavior of a Loudspeaker Diaphragm Using Modal Analysis
Digital Audio Interfaces
More on "Impulse Measurement of Acoustic Impedance"
Effective Performance of Bessel Arrays
An Empirical Model for Loudspeaker Motor Impedance
Acoustical Design of Worship Spaces
Comments on -Chaos, Oversampling, and Noise-Shaping in Digital-to-Analog Conversion- and Author's Reply
Uses and Abuses of the Energy-Time Curve
On the Correlation between the Subjective Evaluation of Sound and the Objective Evaluation of Acoustic Parameters for a Selected Source
Oversampling Filter Design in Noise-Shaping Digital-to-Analog Conversion
How Can the Headroom of Digital Recordings Be Used Optimally?
Comments on "Comments on A Digital Approach to Time-Delay Spectrometry" and Author's Reply
Oversampled Analog-to-Digital Conversion for Digital Audio Systems
Dynamic Measurement and Interpretation of the Nonlinear Parameters of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Evaluation of a Method for Separating Digitized Duet Signals
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