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Correction to "Compact Ribbon Tweeter/Midrange Loudspeaker"
Equalization and Spatial Equalization of Dummy-Head Recordings for Loudspeaker Reproduction
Prospects for Transaural Recording
Reproduction of Artificial-Head Recordings through Loudspeakers
Processing Artificial-Head Recordings
Theory and Design of a Digital Audio Signal Processor for Home Use
Comments on -Environmental Effects on the Speed of Sound- and Author's Reply
Correction to "The Analytic Impulse"
Sound Radiation from Circular Stretched Membranes in Free Space
A Model of Loudspeaker Driver Impedance Incorporating Eddy Currents in the Pole Structure
Distortion Reduction in Moving-Coil Loudspeaker Systems Using Current-Drive Technology
Analysis and Detection of Acoustically Coupled DTMF Signals
Correction to "Improvements in FMX Technology"
Time Dependence of Loudspeaker Power Output in Small Rooms
Subjective Evaluation of Angular Displacement between Picture and Sound Directions for HDTV Sound Systems
New Magnetic System Designs for Sound-Reinforcement Loudspeaker Applications
A Feedforward Side-Chain Limiter/Compressor/De-esser with Improved Flexibility
The Spectral Amplitude Distribution of Selected Compact Discs
An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems
Impulse Measurement of Acoustic Impedance
Computation of Diffraction for Loudspeaker Enclosures
Transformed Binomial Confidence Limits for Listening Tests
Comments on -The Implementation of Recursive Digital Filters of High-Fidelity Audio- and Author's Reply
Transfer-Function Measurement with Maximum-Length Sequences
A New Method for the Design of Crossover Filters
Application of Digital Filters to Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Topological Enhancements of Translinear Two-Quadrant Gain Cells
A Stereo 16-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter for Digital Audio
Jack Mullin: The Man and His Machines
The Detection of Reflections in Typical Rooms
Acoustic Waveguide Theory
An Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) for Audio System Designers
Electroacoustic-Analogous Circuit Models for Filled Enclosures
A Digital Approach to Time-Delay Spectrometry
Sound Intensity and Interaural Cross-Correlation Measurements Using Time-Delay Spectrometry
Complex Time-Response Using Time-Delay Spectrometry
Acoustic Alignment of Loudspeaker Drivers by a Nonsymmetrical Crossovers of Different Orders
Determination of Loudspeaker Driver Parameters Using a System Identification Technique
The Differential Time-Delay Distortion and Differential Phase-Shift Distortion as Measures of Phase Linearity
Corrections to "Topological Enhancements of Translinear Two-Quadrant Gain Cells"
Self-Similarity and Fractals in Science and Art
Transconductance Power Amplifier Systems for Current-Driven Loudspeakers
XY and MS Microphone Techniques in Comparison
Stereo Sound Recording with Shotgun Microphones
Comments on -Diffusing Surfaces in Concert Halls: Boon or Bane?- and Author's Reply
Multiple-Point Equalization in a Room Using Adaptive Digital Filters
Loudspeaker Cabinet Edge Diffraction
Adaptive Loudspeaker System
Broadcast-Quality Speech from Diving Helmets
An Improved Preemphasis Standard for AM Broadcasting
Tube Manufacturing at Western Electric: The WE 300B
Application of Speech Intelligibility to Sound Reinforcement
Correlation of Speech Intelligibility Tests in Reverberant Rooms with Three Predictive Algorithms
Comments on -The Analytical Impulse- and Author's Replies
Chaos, Oversampling, and Noise Shaping in Digital-to-Analog Conversion
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