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Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 1/2
Noise-Dependent Sound Reproduction in a Car: Application of a Digital Audio Signal Processor
Graceful Degradation of Digital Audio Transmission Systems
A Technique for Displaying the Current and Voltage Output Capability of Amplifiers and Relating This to the Demand of Loudspeakers
Forensic Audio and Video-Theory and Applications
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 3
Simulation of Loudspeaker Crossover Filters with a Digital Signal Processor
The Modification of Timbre by Resonances: Perception and Measurement
A Bayesian Analysis of A-B Listening Tests
Reduction of Peak/rms Ratio of Speech by Amplitude Compression and Quadratic Phase Dispersion
1888-1988: A Hundred Years of Magnetic Sound Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 4
Wigner Representation of Loudspeaker Responses in a Living Room
Reduction of Transistor Slope Impedance Dependent Distortion in Large-Signal Amplifiers
Environmental Effects on the Speed of Sound
Increasing the Life of Your Audio Tape
The Compact Disc Formats: Technology and Applications
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 5
The Analytic Impulse
A New Windowing Technique for Digital Harmonic-Distortion Measurement
Cluster Suitability Predictions Simplified
The Use of TV Holography (ESPI) for Loudspeaker Chassis and Cabinet Modal Analysis
Sampling-Frequency Synchronization with Minimal Delay
Magnetic Sound Recording in Europe up to 1945
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 6
Subwoofer Performance for Accurate Reproduction of Music
Linearly Swept Frequency Measurements, Time-Delay Spectrometry, and the Wigner Distribution
An 18-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter for High-Performance Digital Audio Applications
A Dynamic Phase Meter for Program Material
Measuring Equipment for the Estimation of "Pop" Sensitivity of Microphones
Digital Audio Recorders
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 7/8
Comments on -Choosing the Right Microphone by Understanding Design Tradeoffs- and Author's Reply
Calculation of the Sound Radiation of a Nonrigid Loudspeaker Diaphragm Using the Finite-Element Method
Loudspeaker Power Amplifiers with Load-Adaptive Source Impedance
The Design of a Digital Signal Peak Limiter for Audio Signal Processing
Improvement in Dome Loudspeaker Characteristics by Using a Spherical-Wave-Front Horn Baffle
Magnetic Tape-From the Early Days to the Present
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 9
Proposed Technique for Earphone Calibration
Simulation and Optimization of Multiway Loudspeaker Systems Using a Personal Computer
The Subjective Effect and Measurement of ADC-DAC Transfer Characteristic Discontinuity
A Method of Generating and Controlling Musical Asymmetrical Spectra
Results of the 1986 AES Audiometric Survey
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 10
Acoustic Load and Transfer Functions in Rooms at Low Frequencies
Compact Ribbon Tweeter/Midrange Loudspeaker
A Loudspeaker Motor Structure for Very High Power Handling and High Linear Excursion
Audio for the Elderly
On Improvements of Magnetic Tape Shown by Measurements on Early and Newer Tapes
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 11
The Implementation of Recursive Digital Filters for High-Fidelity Audio
Approximation Formulas for Error Risk and Sample Size in ABX Testing
Enhancement of Forensic Audio Recordings
Effect of DAC Deglitching on Frequency Response
Boston Symphony Hall: An Acoustician's Tour
Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 12
General Equivalent Electric Circuits for Acoustic Horns
Improvements in FMX Technology
High Frequency Phase Response Specifications-Useful or Misleading?
A Holographic Approach to Acoustic Control
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