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Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 1/2
Mathematical Noise Modeling and Analysis of Some Popular Preamplifier Circuit Topologies
Active RC Crossover Networks with Adjustable Characteristics
Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Transitions Using the Discrete Short-Time Fourier Transform
A Combined Measurement Method for Both Dynamic Intermodulation and Static Nonlinear Distortions
Linear-Phase Digital Audio Tone Control
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 3
The Acoustics and Sound System for Hemispherical Film Projection
CD Direct Metal Mastering Technology: A Step Toward a More Efficient Manufacturing Process for Compact Discs
Production of Spatially Limited "Diffuse" Sound Field in an Anechoic Room
More on "Impulse Measurement of Horn-Type Loudspeaker Drivers"
Comments on -Another Approach to Time-Delay Spectrometry- and Author's Reply
Personal Computers and Music: The State of the Art
The Spectral Recording Process
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 4
Addition to -A Psychoacoustically Optimized Loudspeaker-
A Boundary-Element Approach to Finite-Element Radiation Problems
A Hybrid Approach to the Variable-Speed Replay of Digital Audio
Active Realization of Multiway All-Pass Crossover Systems
A Century of Microphones
The Proposed DAT Bill
An Early Auditory Training System
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 5
Correction to "Comments on 'Three-Level Tone Test Signal for Setting Audio Levels'"
Filibuster Feature
Statistical Parameters of the Frequency Response Curves of Large Rooms
Normal Frequency and Excitation Statistics in Rooms: Model Experiments with Electric Waves
Unified Compandor Measurements by Using a Channel Simulator
Editing Time-Varying Spectra
Is Reel-to Reel Digital Standardization Really Necessary Any More?
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 6
Correction to "Personal Computers and Music"
Modeling of the Nonlinear Response of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker by a Volterra Series Expansion
On the Use of Computer-Generated Dithered Test Signals
The Application of Narrow-Band Dither Operating at the Nyquist Frequency in Digital Systems to Provide Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio over Conventional Dithering
Peak Current Requirement of Commercial Loudspeaker Systems
Reducing Off-Axis Comb-Filter Effects in Highly Directional Microphones
CBS Technology Center: In Memoriam
Audio Measurements
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 7/8
Evaluation of the Audible Distortion and Noise Produced by Digital Audio Converters
A High-Performance Surround Sound Process for Home Video
Sound Transmission Through Partitions
Computer Simulation of Horn-Loaded Compression Drivers
Comments on "Type 1 and Type 2 Errors in the Statistical Analysis of Listening Tests" and Author's Replies
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 9
Problems with Shadowless Stereo Theory: Asymptotic Spectral Status
Complex Simulation of Acoustical Sound Fields by the Delta Stereophony System (DSS)
The U. K. System for Digital Stereo Sound with Terrestrial Television
Multichannel Television Sound Broadcasting in the United States
Comments on -A Psychoacoustically Optimized Loudspeaker- and Author's Reply
Further Corrections on "Design of Optimized Loudspeaker Crossover Networks Using a Personal Computer"
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 10
Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Audio
Soft Magnetic Materials for Audio Transformers: History, Production, and Applications
Heat-Transfer Mechanisms in Loudspeakers: Analysis, Measurement, and Design
Electroacoustic System Realizations for the Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Networks
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 11
How to Measure and Interpret Coherence Loss in Magnetic Recording
Loudspeaker Systems with Optimized Wide-Listening-Area Imaging
The Acoustical Design of a 4000-Seat Church
Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers and Granularity Distortion
Choosing the Right Microphone by Understanding Design Tradeoffs
Complete Journal: Volume 35 Issue 12
Wigner Distribution Analysis of Filters with Perceptible Phase Distortion
Comments on "Spaciousness and Localization in Listening Rooms and Their Effects on the Recording Technique" and -Stereo Shuffling: New Approach-Old Technique- and Authors' Replies
Dither in Digital Audio
Horn Layout Simplified
A New Principle for a High-Efficiency Power Audio Amplifier for Use with a Digital Preamplifier
A New Principle for an All-Digital Preamplifier and Equalizer
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