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Extended Low-Frequency Performance of Existing Loudspeaker Systems
A MOSFET Power Amplifier with Error Correction
Determining the Acoustic Position for Proper Phase Response of Transducers
Restoration of Nonlinearly Distorted Magnetic Recordings
Optimization of the Amplified-Diode Bias Circuit for Audio Amplifiers
Correction to "Some Factors Affecting the Performance of Airline Entertainment Headsets"
Resolution Below the Least Significant Bit in Digital Systems with Dither
Random-Access Editing of Digital Audio
A Hi-Fi Moving-Magnet Cartridge Using Recent Technology
Time Correction of Anti-Aliasing Filters Used in Digital Audio Systems
Vertical Modulation Angles of Commercial Stereo Phonograph Records
Squealer-Killer with Real-Time Equalization
And the Music Went Round and Round on Rolls, Disks, or Reels-Part 1
Correction to "Fuzzy Distortion in Analog Amplifiers: A Limit to Information Transmission?"
Comments on -Off-Axis Performance of Multiple Loudspeakers- and Authors' Reply
Progress in Architectural Acoustics and Artificial Reverberation: Concert Hall Acoustics and Number Theory
An Accurate and Easily Implemented Method of Modeling Loudspeaker Array Coverage
Acoustic Field in an Enclosure and Its Effect on Sound-Pressure Responses of a Loudspeaker
The Reflection Phase Grating Diffusor: Design Theory and Application
Distortion in Positive- and Negative-Feedback Filters
Amplitude and Frequency Modulation Distortions of a Loudspeaker
And the Music Went Round and Round on Rolls, Disks, or Reels-Part 2
Computer Simulation of Loudspeaker Directivity
Dynamic Range Control of Digital Audio Signals
Development of a Pickup Cartridge
Low-Frequency Sound Reproduction
Comparison of Real-Time Analysis and Time-Delay Spectrometry at Two Sound-Reinforcement Projects
Correction to "Phase Intermodulation Distortion-Instrumentation and Measurements"
Efficient Editing of Digital Sound on Disk
FM Direct Stereo Decoder
Measurement and Prediction of the Timbre of Sound Reproduction
Fully Balanced Bridge Amplifier
The Church That Rocks and Rolls
A Topology to Linearize Miller-Effect Compensated Amplifiers
Direction-Sensitive Gating: A New Approach to Automatic Mixing
A Microphone Technique Applying the Principle of Second-Order-Gradient Unidirectionality
Experiments Toward an Erasable Compact Disc Digital Audio System
Digital Distortion Analyzer
Comments on -Fuzzy Distortion in Analog Amplifiers: A Limit to Information Transmission?- and Author's Reply
Comments on "Direct Low-Frequency Driver Synthesis from System Specifications"
Comments on -Optimum Loudspeaker Placement Near Reflecting Planes- and Author's Reply
Correction to -Random-Access Editing of Digital Audio-
Passive Three-Way All-Pass Crossover Networks
On High-Density Recording of the Compact-Cassette Digital Recorder
Signal Processing of the Compact-Cassette Digital Recorder
Companded Predictive Delta Modulation: A Low-Cost Conversion Technique for Digital Recording
Signal Power Spectrum Aspects in Loudspeaker Design
History of Electronic Sound Modification
Acoustic Impulse Response Measurement: A New Technique
Digital Control of Loudspeaker Array Directivity
A Study of High-Efficiency Audio Power Amplifiers Using a Voltage Switching Method
Engineering Justifications for Selected Portions of the AES Recommended Practice for Specification of Loudspeaker Compononents
Correction to "Resolution Below the Least Significant Bit in Digital Systems with Dither"
Perception of Phase Distortion in Anti-Alias Filters
Sound Synthesis by Fractional Waveshaping
The Modified Hopkins-Stryker Equation
The Wigner Distribution: A Valuable Tool for Investigating Transient Distortion
Digital Audio Modulation in the PAL and NTSC Optical Video Disk Coding Formats
Metric Review
A Perceptual Criterion for Loudspeaker Evaluation
Is Phase Linearization of Loudspeaker Crossover Networks Possible by Time Offset and Equalization?
Loudspeaker Distortion Reduction
Design Factors in a Programmable Distortion Measurement System
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