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A Family of Linear-Phase Crossover Networks of High Slope Derived by Time Delay
Phase Error in Tape Cartridges for Radio Broadcast Service
Graphic Equalizer with Microprocessor
Transformations of the Energy Sphere
Comments on "A New Criterion for the Distribution of Normal Room Modes"
Phase Intermodulation Distortion Instrumentation and Measurements
Electronic Equalization of Closed-Box Loudspeakers
Mathematical Analysis of a Pulse Width Modulation Digital to Analog Converter
A Versatile Delay Unit with CCDs
Anomalies in the Frequency-Length Functions in Violin Strings
A 20 dB Audio Noise Reduction System for Consumer Applications
Correction to "The Design of Distributed Sound Systems for Uniformity of Coverage and Other-Sound Field Considerations"
Request for Information
Time-Frequency Distributions of Loudspeakers: The Application of the Wigner Distribution
Channel Codings for Digital Audio Recordings
The Loudspeaker and Control Room as a Wholly Integrated System
A New Method of Reducing Direct-Drive Motor Vibration in Turntables
Hybrid RIAA Equalization Circuit
Electrical Reproduction of Acoustically Recorded Cylinders and Disks
Amplitude and Phase of Intermodulation Distortion
Off-Axis Performance of Multiple Loudspeakers
A New Technique for Minimizing Distortion
Direct AM Stereo Detection by a PLL Synthesized Synchronous Carrier Generator
The Twin-Tone Distortion Meter: A New Approach
Comments on -Musical Sound Synthesis by Forward Differences- and Author's Reply
Correction to "Electrical Reproduction of Acoustically Recorded Cylinders and Disks"
Design Aspects of Graphic Equalizers
Improvements in Monitor Loudspeaker Systems
Power and Real Signals in an Audio System
A High-Efficiency Audio Power Amplifier
Acoustic Scaling in the Design of Sound Control Rooms
Measurement of Nonlinear Distortion in a Band-Limited System
Comments on -On the Audibility of Midrange Phase Distortion in Audio Systems- and Authors' Reply
Graphic Method of Investigation of the Surround and Voice-Coil Influence on Vibration of Loudspeaker Cones
An Efficient Algorithm for Measuring the Impulse Response Using Pseudorandom Noise
Satisfying Loudspeaker Crossover Constraints with Conventional Networks-Old and New Designs
Delta Stereophony-A Sound System with True Direction and Distance Perception for Large Multipurpose Halls
Dynamic Distortion Measurements of Tape Recorders and Electroacoustic Transducers
A New Approach to High-Speed Digital Signal Processing Based on Microprogramming
LSIs for Digital Signal Processing Based on a PCM Standard Format
Auditory Illusions, Handedness, and the Spatial Environment
Auditory Illusions and Their Relation to Mechanisms Normally Enhancing Accuracy of Perception
Pitch Segregation by Interaural Phase, by Momentary Amplitude Disparity, and by Monaural Phase
Demonstrations of Circular Components of Pitch
Influence of Posture on the Spatial Localization of Sound
Electrical Reproduction of Acoustically Recorded Cylinders and Disks, Part 2
Phase Reference in HRTF Calculation (comments on -Calculator Program for Head-Related Transfer Function-)
Tone-Arm Outrigger Damping Devices
Glass-Fiber and Graphite-Flake Reinforced Polyimide Composite Diaphragm for Loudspeakers
Recording with Feedback-Controlled Effective Bias
Acoustical and Electrical Interaction in Multidriver Arrays
Fuzzy Distortion in Analog Amplifiers: A Limit to Information Transmission?
Computer-Based Signal Processing for Audio Electronic Performance Measurements
Comments on "Graphic Method of Investigation of the Surround and Voice Coil Influence on Vibration of Loudspeaker Cones" (response to comments on -Effect of Voice-Coil and Surround on Vibration and Sound Pressure Response of Loudspeaker Cones-)
A New Radio Broadcast Cartridge Capable of Professional Open-Reel Performance
Electrical Analogs for Membranes with Application to Earphones
The Manifold Joys of Conformal Mapping: Applications to Digital Filtering in the Studio
Design Parameters Important for Optimization of Very High-Fidelity PWM (Class D) Audio Amplifiers
Further Thoughts on "Feedback, Sensitivity, and Stability of Audio Power Amplifiers"
Distortion in Class AB Power Amplifiers
Comments on -Electronic Equalization of Closed-Box Loudspeakers- and Author's Reply
Restoration of Kinetophone Sound Motion Pictures
More Comments on -On the Audibility of Midrange Phase Distortion in Audio Systems-
Amplitude and Phase Measurements of Vibrations of Radiating Surfaces in Order to Determine the Emitted Sound Field
Some Factors Affecting the Performance of Airline Entertainment Headsets
A New Tape Transport System with Digital Control
Optimum Loudspeaker Placement Near Reflecting Planes
A Note on -An Amplifier Input Stage Design Criterion for the Suppression of Dynamic Distortion- and Author's Reply
Comments on -Channel Codings for Digital Audio Recordings- and Author's Reply
Theater Quality Evaluation Program
AES - Audio Engineering Society