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Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 1/2
A New Method of Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion: Comparison with the Conventional Method
Three-Dimensional Energy Plots in the Frequency Domain
Musical Sound Synthesis by Forward Differences
An Adapting Delay Comb Filter for the Restoration of Audio Signals Badly Corrupted with a Periodic Signal of Slowly Changing Frequency
A Professional Digital Audio Mixer
Calculator Program for Head-Related Transfer Function
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 3
Strain-Gauge Sensors Eliminate Acoustic Feedback in Amplified Acoustic Stringed Instruments
Measuring Loudspeaker Constants by a Transient Method
An Experimental "All Digital" Studio Mixing Desk
A Flexible Digital Sound-Editing Program for Minicomputer Systems
A Simple Hardware Pitch Extractor
Computerized Analysis and Observation of the Vibration Modes of a Loudspeaker Cone
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 4
Output Resistance and Intermodulation Distortion of Feedback Amplifiers
Piecewise Interpolation Technique for Audio Signal Synthesis
Improvement of Multichannel Radio Microphone Operation by Use of Advanced Receiver Techniques
The Autobias Amplifier: A New Topology for Automatically Biased Audio Amplifiers Using Power MOSFETs
On Disk-Record Echo Phenomena
Comments on -Absorption of Sound Air: A Personal Calculator Program- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 5
Feedback, Sensitivity and Stability of Audio Power Amplifiers
Nested Differentiating Feedback Loops in Simple Audio Amplifiers
Alignment of Filter-Assisted Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems with Enclosure Losses
Extension of the Dynamic Range of Wireless Microphones
Feedforward Floating Power Supply (High Response Speed Equalizer Circuit)
High-Resolution Subjective Testing Using a Double-Blind Comparator
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 6
Comments on -A New Criterion for the Distribution of Normal Room Modes- and Author's Reply
Cumulative Spectra, Tone Bursts, and Apodization
Synthesis by Spectral Amplitude and "Brightness" Matching of Analyzed Musical Instrument Tones
Central Cluster Design Technique for Large Multipurpose Auditoria
Loudspeaker Coverage by Architectural Mapping
A Polar-Plot Method of Loudspeaker Array Design
Listening Tests-Turning Opinion into Fact
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 7/8
Loudspeaker-Crossover Systems: An Optimal Crossover Choice
Computer-Aided Design of Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Dynamic-Range Requirement for Subjectively Noise-Free Reproduction of Music
Notes on the Development of a New Type of Hornless Loudspeaker
Tone Burst Testing on Selected Electronic Crossover Networks
Anechoic Chamber with Optional Boundaries
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 9
Correction to "Alignment of Filter-Assisted Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems with Enclosure Losses"
Correction to "Synthesis by Spectral Amplitude and 'Brightness' Matching of Analyzed Musical Instrument Tones"
Comments on "Examination of Audio Bandwidth Requirements for Optimum Sound Signal Transmission"
-Tonearm Geometry and Frequency-Modulation Distortion- and Discussion
On the Audibility of Midrange Phase Distortion in Audio Systems
A New Magnetic Tape Recorder with Automatic Adjusting Functions for Bias and Recording Conditions
An Amplifier for Electret Headphones
Optically Encoded Moving Shutter Attenuator
The Design and Testing of a "New" Reverberation Meter
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 10
On the Magnitude and Audibility of FM Distortion in Loudspeakers
Audio Signal Synthesis by Functions of Two Variables
M-S Stereo: A Powerful Technique for Working in Stereo
Controlling Sound-Image Localization in Stereophonic Reproduction: II
Ground Plane Acoustic Measurement of Loudspeaker Systems
A Touch Sensitive Keyboard for Electronic Music
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 11
Phase Distortion and Phase Equalization in Audio Signal Processing-A Tutorial Review
Low-Distortion Programmable Gain Cell Using Current Steering Cascode Topology
Direct Low-Frequency Driver Synthesis from System Specifications
The LaVerne Terrace Low-Pass Filter
Restoration of Nonlinearly Distorted Audio by Histogram Equalization
Complete Journal: Volume 30 Issue 12
The Design of Distributed Sound Systems from Uniformity of Coverage and Other Sound-Field Considerations
Low Frequency Measurement of Loudspeakers by the Reciprocity Method
A Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder for Consumer Applications
Acoustic Radiation of a Horn Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method-Acoustic Characteristics of a Horn Loudspeaker with an Elastic Diaphragm
Transient Response Equalization of Sealed-Box Loudspeakers
Comments on -Determination of Sliding Friction Between Stylus and Record Groove- and Author's Reply
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