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Moving-Coil Loudspeaker Topology as an Indicator of Linear Excursion Capability
Examination of Audio-Bandwidth Requirements for Optimum Sound Signal Transmission
Distortion Correction in Audio Power Amplifiers
Design and Construction of a Feedforward Error-Correction Amplifier
Performed Music: Analysis, Synthesis, and Display by Computer
Comments on "On RIAA Equalization Networks" and Author's Reply
Comments on "Shaped Tone-Burst Testing"
Motion Picture Sound in Record-Industry Perspective
The Audibility of Frequency Response Irregularities
Ferrofluids as a Means of Controlling Woofer Design Parameters
A Power Amplifier "Improver"
New Biasing Circuit for Class B Operation
Sound Transmission and Impact Insulation: A PPC Program
A Simpler Musical Calculator Program (Comments on -Calculator Program for Musical Notes-) and Author's Reply
Correction to "Waveshape Parameter Modulation in Producing Complex Audio Spectra"
Pinna Transformations and Sound Reproduction
An Algorithm for Estimation of Parametric Filter Functions
Nonlinear Distortion Measurement Using Composite Pulse Waveform
An Amplifier Input Stage Design Criterion for the Suppression of Dynamic Distortions
A Real-Time Tape Duplication System
On Loudspeaker Response in Sound Control Rooms
Comments on -The Practical Application of Time Delay Spectrometry in the Field- and Authors' Reply
Comments on "Reproducing the Infrasonic"
Early Hi-Fi and Stereo Recording at Bell Laboratories (1931-1932)
A Three-Dimensional Interferometric Vibrational Mode Display
Frequency-Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers (Reprint)
A New Distortion Mechanism in Class B Amplifiers
A Different Way to Record Classical Music
Digitalization of Conventional Analog Filters for Recording Use
The Use of Seminars and Audio/Visual Presentations to Promote the Acceptance of Engineered Sound and Communications Systems by the General Public
100 Years with Stereo-The Beginning
Correction to "On Intermodulation and Harmonic Distortion in Single-Amplifier Active Filters"
Augmented Passive Radiator Loudspeaker Systems, Part 1
Active Equalization of Closed-Box Loudspeaker Systems
Acoustic Design Considerations for Speech Intelligibility
Measurements of the Input Impedance of Loudspeaker Horns
Personal Calculator Programs for Approximate Vented-Box and Closed-Box Loudspeaker System Design
Comments on -Recreational Noise Exposure-An Occupational Hazard for Audio Engineers- and Author's Reply
Correction to "Pinna Transformations and Sound Reproduction"
The Great Debate: Subjective Evaluation
Ultra High Performance Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and Demodulation
Distortion Correction Circuits for Audio Amplifiers
Augmented Passive Radiator Loudspeaker Systems, Part 2
New Factors in Power Amplifier Design
Comments on "Reactance Annulling in Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker Systems" and Author's Reply
Comments on -The History of Magnetic Recording- and Author's Reply
A Fully In-Band Multitone Test for Transient Intermodulation Distortion
Synthesis of Loudspeaker Mechanical Parameters by Electrical Means: A New Method for Controlling Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Behavior
A New Criterion for the Distribution of Normal Room Modes
Study of Nonlinear Distortion in Audio Instruments
Acoustical Response of an Enclosure
Comments on -Recreational Noise Exposure-An Occupational Hazard for Audio Engineers- and Author's Reply
A Satellite Communications, Broadcast-Quality Amplitude Compander
The Resonances of Loudspeaker Diaphragms
Tweeter Using New Structure and New Material for Diaphragm (Direct-Drive Ribbon Tweeter)
Loudspeaker with Honeycomb Disk Diaphragm
Polymer-Graphite Composite Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Tonal Effects of Close Microphone Placement
A Tool for Room Acoustic Measurement
Comments on Stress Tests and Authors' Reply
Correction to "Ultra-High-Performance Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and Demodulation"
Correction to "Personal Calculator Programs for Approximate Vented-Box and Closed-Box Loudspeaker System Design"
Programmable State-Variable Active Biquads
Controlling Sound-Image Localization in Stereophonic Reproduction
Coaxial Flat-Plane Loudspeaker with Polymer-Graphite Honeycomb Sandwich Plate Diaphragm
Reinforced Olefin Polymer Diaphragm for Loudspeakers
Analog Circuits for Sound Animation
A Simple Pulse Tester for Electroacoustic Measurements
Corrections to "A New Criterion for the Distribution of Normal Room Modes"
Ribbon Sendust Magnetic Tape Heads
Radiation and Diffraction Effects of Convex and Concave Domes
Design of Loudspeaker Systems Based on Measured Impulse Response
Determination of Sliding Friction Between Stylus and Record Groove
A Computer-Controlled Polyphonic Synthesizer
Digital Additive Synthesis for Computer Music
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