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The Dependence of Loudspeaker Design Parameters on the Properties of Magnetic Fluids
Feedforward Error Correction in Power Amplifiers
JE-990 Discrete Operational Amplifier
Dipole Radiator Systems
Those Early Late Arrivals! Mr. Haas, What Would You Do?
More on "Loudspeaker Cabinet Reflection Effects"
A General-Purpose Digital Synthesizer
Which Bandwidth is Necessary for Optimal Sound Transmission?
A Fresh Approach to Audio Console Design
Compatible Stereophonic Broadcasting Systems for Spatial Reproduction
New Audio Transformations in Acoustical Transduction Based on Optical Principles
Comments on -Practical and Aesthetic Microphone Techniques for Recording or Broadcasting Symphonic Music- and Author's Reply
Psychoacoustic Detection Threshold of Transient Intermodulation Distortion
Improved Real-Ear Test for Stereophones
Ultra-Low-Noise Preamplifier for Moving-Coil Phono Cartridges
PCM Program Transmission and Communication Network for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
The Shape of Recording Studios to Come
A New PIezoelectric Driver Enhances Horn Performance
Shaped Tone-Burst Testing
Correction to "Loudness Compensation: Use and Abuse"
Comments on "Airborne Noise: A Personal Calculator Program for A Weighted Sound-Pressure Level, Noise Rating Evaluation and Preferred Noise Criterion"
The Practical Application of Time-Delay Spectrometry in the Field
Amplifier-Loudspeaker Interfacing
Distribution of the Phonograph Signal Rate of Change
Dynamic-Range Limitations of Optical Couplers
Phonograph Preamplifier Design Criteria: An Update
-Acoustical Communication Theory,- -Comments on Acoustical Communication Theory,- and Author's Reply
Comments on -Practical and Aesthetic Microphone Techniques for Recording or Broadcasting Symphonic Music- and Author's Reply
An Acoustic Power Monitor for Loudspeaker Testing
Loudspeaker Driver Phase Response: The Neglected Factor in Crossover Network Design
Using Distortion Products to Effect Automatic Frequency Control in FM Tuners
A New PCM Audio Disk Pickup Employing a Laser Diode
Miniature Microphone Using an Integrated Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer
Calculator Program for Musical Notes
Acoustic Radiation of a Horn Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method--A Consideration of the Acoustic Characteristic of Horns
Effect of Voice-Coil and Surround on Vibration and Sound Pressure Response of Loudspeaker Cones
Ambiophony: Has Its Time Finally Arrived?
The MD (Minidisk) System: A Contribution to the Digital Audio Disk Standard
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Absorption of Sound by Air: A Personal Calculator Program
Correction to -Comments on: 'Airborne Noise: A Personal Calculator Porgram for A-weighted Sound-Pressure Level, Voice-Rateing Evaluation, and Preferred Noise Criterion'-
Comments on "Human Stress Provoked by Digitalized Recordings"
Correction to "Miniature Microphone Using an Integrated Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer"
Correction to "A Real-Time Digital Processor for Disk Mastering Lathe Control"
On the Perception of Phase Distortion
All-Pass Crossover Systems
The LEDE- Concept for the Control of Acoustic and Psychoacoustic Parameters in Recording Control Rooms
Compatible Correcting-Matrix Quadraphonic Transmission System
Time Offset and Crossover Design
Comments on -Dipole Radiator Systems- and Author's Reply
Comments on "Calculator Program for Musical Notes"
Reproducing the Infrasonic
The Print-Through Phenomenon
On Intermodulation and Harmonic Distortion in Single-Amplifier Active Filters
Sound Reinforcement Systems in Early Danish Churches
Auditory Backward Inhibition in Concert Halls
Three Dimensional Diaphragm Suspensions for Compression Drivers
Comments on -Acoustical Impulse Response of Interior Spaces- and Authors' Reply
Dynamic Equalization for Loudspeakers
The Quest for Directional Microphones at RCA
Optimum Loudspeaker Directional Patterns
New Developments in Electrostatic Loudspeakers
CCD Delay Lines in Audio
Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Measurements with an Accelerometer
Comments on -Acoustic Radiation of a Horn Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method-A Consideration of the Acoustic Characteristic of Horns- and Authors' Reply
Measurement of Spectral Content of Record Warps
High-Fidelity Loudspeakers with Boronized Titanium Diaphragms
A Low-Distortion Acoustic-Measurement Oscillator Using Semiconductor Junctions as Variable-Tuning Elements
Waveshape Parameter Modulation in Producing Complex Audio Spectra
Recreational Noise Exposure-An Occupational Hazard for Audio Engineers
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