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Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 1/2
Equalization Filter for Eardrum-Pressure Recording Using a KEMAR Manikin
The Acoustic Design of Talks Studios and Listening Rooms
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Phonograph Stylus
Precision Sound-Image-Localization Technique Utilizing Multitrack Tape Masters
A Real-Time Digital Processor for Disk Mastering Lathe Control
Audio-Visual Design and Room Acoustics for the Board Room, Part 1
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 3
On Courtesy to Convention Session Chairmen
Applause for Loudspeaker Series
More About "Groove Deformation and Distortion in Records"
Magnetic Design Theory for Tape Recorder Heads
Measurement of FM Distortion in Phonographs
The Use of Linear Prediction of Speech in Computer Music Applications
A Low Frequency Horn of Small Dimension
CCIR/ARM: A Practical Noise Measurement Method
The Stereo-180 Microphone System
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 4
Comments on "A Preliminary Evaluation of 360-Degree Concert Halls"
Comments on "Computer-Aided Loudspeaker System Design Part 1: Synthesis Using Optimization Techniques"
Correction to "CCIR/ARM: A Practical Noise-Measurement Method"
Corrections to "Slope Distortion and Amplifier Design"
Three FM Methods for Measuring Tracking Angles of Phono Pickups
Digital Waveshaping Synthesis
Sound Levels and Spectra of Rock Music
A Vibration-Stabilizer System for Phonograph Reproduction
A Novel Precision Testing Technique for Intensive Care Instrumentation
Comments on -A Method for Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM)- and Authors' Reply
Comments on -Correlation of Audio Distortion Measurements- and Authors' Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 5
Loudspeaker Cabinet Reflection Effects
Acoustic Specification and Design of Supreme Being Studios
The Effect of Loudspeaker Radiation Patterns on Stereo Imaging and Clarity
Accurate Measurement of Tape-Head Wear Using Isotopes
Multidimensional Audio: Part 1
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 6
On RIAA Equalization Networks
Improving TV Audio at the Broadcast Transmitter-Receiver Interface
Minimum Harmonic Distortion Levels in Ideal Loudspeakers
Multidimensional Audio: Part 2
Conference Systems Using Infrared-Light Techniques
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 7/8
Long-Wavelength Response of Magnetic Heads with Beveled Outer Edges
Synthesis of High-Pass Filtered Loudspeaker Systems: Part 1-Isolated Filters Driving Second Order (Closed-Box) Systems
Multidimensional Audio: Part 3
Suppression of Low-Level Impulse Noise
Computer Program for Chebyshev C(4) Loudspeaker Alignment Ripple Factor
Overview of Disco Sound Systems
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 9
Large Signal Performance of Audio Power Amplifiers in the Frequency Domain
The Optimum Pivot Position on a Tone Arm
The Digital Coding of High-Quality Musical Sound
Synthesis of High-Pass Filtered Loudspeaker Systems: Part 1 (a)-A Supplementary Note on QB2, SC3, and SC4 Alignments
A Digital "Phase Shifter" for Musical Applications, Using the Bell Labs (Alles-Fischer) Digital Filter Module
Practical and Aesthetic Microphone Techniques for Recording or Broadcasting Symphonic Music
Comments on -Improvement of the Noise Characteristics of Amplifiers for Magnetic Transducers- and Authors' Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 10
Low-Cost Alternatives in High-Quality State-Variable Filters
Digital Synthesis of Complex Spectra by Means of Multiplication of Nonlinear Distorted Sine Waves
Synthesis of High-Pass Filtered Loudspeaker Systems: Part 2-Isolated Filters Driving Fourth Order (Reflex) Systems
Auditory Backward Inhibition in Concert Halls: The Parallelism Between Vision and Hearing Suggests New Features in Room Acoustics
A Dropout Annoyance Measuring Apparatus "DAMA" to Check Magnetic Tapes
Microprocessor Mixing and Processing of Digital Audio Signals
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 11
An All-Digital "Commentary Grade" Subband Coder
A Unified 4-4-4, 4-3-4, 4-2-4 SQ--Compatible System of Recording and FM Broadcasting (USQ-)
Maintenance Procedures for Ferrite Heads
Acoustic Feedback-Its Influence on Speech Intelligibility
Loudspeaker Athletics
Airborne Noise: A Personal Calculator Program for A-Weighted Sound-Pressure Level, Noise-Rating Evaluation, and Preferred Noise Criterion
Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 12
On the Specification of Moving-Coil Drivers for Low-Frequency Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers
Acoustical Impulse Response of Interior Spaces
A Triphonic Sound Reproduction System Using Coincident Microphones
Production Testing of Loudspeakers Using Digital Techniques
A Long-Play Digital Audio Disk System
Practical Solid-State Integrated Filters
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