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Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 1/2
Correlation of Audio Distortion Measurements
The Ghent Microphone System for SQ- Quadraphonic Recording and Broadcasting
Impulse Response of the Pickup Arm-Cartridge System
An Economical Digitally Controlled Audio Level Indicator
The Use of the Phase Vocoder in Computer Music Applications
Mathematics and Sound Perception
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 3
Time-Delay Spectrometry Investigation of Regenerative Sound Systems
A Simplified Equalization Analyzer
Introduction to -Discussion: The Function and Design of Horns for Loudspeakers-
A High-Efficiency Receiver for a Horn-Type Loudspeaker of Large Power Capacity
Optical Measurement of Loudspeaker Driver Large Signal Displacement
Passive Crossover Networks for Noncoincident Drivers
Fuzzy Alternatives
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 4
Low-Frequency Response Calibration of a Multitrack Magnetic Tape Recording and Reproducing System
Side-Fringing Response of Magnetic Reproducing Heads
A Comparison of Measured and Calculated Fringing Response of Multitrack Magnetic Reproducers
The Use of Boron for High-Frequency Dome Loudspeakers
A Music Listening System
Precision Pan Pots
More Comments on -A Dynamic Noise Reducer for Sum-Difference Multiplex Systems-
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 5
A Shuffleboard Experiment of Time-Delay Effects in Loudspeakers
Transient Distortion in Feedback Amplifiers
Electronic Detection of Acoustic Feedback and Automatic Sound System Gain Control
Methods of High-Quality Recording and Reproducing of Music and Speech Based on Telephone Research (Reprint)
Evaluation of Acoustic Systems Utilizing Correlation Techniques
Quadraphonic Broadcasting of the Filarmonica De las Americas in Mexico
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 6
VOSIM-A New Sound Synthesis System
Harmonic Distortion in a Class of Linear Active Filter Networks
A Program for the Hewlett Packard HP 97 to Assist Sound System Designers
Flanging and Phasers
A Broadcast Monitor Loudspeaker of Small Dimensions
The Effect on Speech Words of Modulating the Temporal Pattern of Infinitely Clipped Speech
Comments on -Suppression of Slew-Rate and Transient Intermodulation Distortions in Audio Power Amplifiers- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 7/8
Erratum to: "Sampling-Frequency Considerations in Digital Audio"
Correction to "Sampling Frequency Considerations"
Letters to the Editor (the needs of broadcasting organizations within the context of standards relative to digital audio)
Groove Deformation and Distortion in Recordings
Three Dimensional Displays for Demonstrating Transient Characteristics of Loudspeakers
Auditory Perspective-Loudspeakers and Microphones
Loudness Compensation: Use and Abuse
Computer-Aided Computation of Room Resonances
A Note on Loudspeaker Impedance and Its Effect on Amplifier Distortion
Some Notes on Digital Audio Topics
Incremental Floating-Point Coding
A High-Performance Digital Audio Recorder
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 9
Comments on "The Function and Design of Horns for Loudspeakers" and -Discussion-
Slope Distortion and Amplifier Design
Vibration Patterns and Radiation Behavior of Loudspeaker Cones
An Effective Mechanopneumatic Shock Mount for a Dynamic Microphone
The Manta-Ray Horns
Measurement of Cutter Heads by Pulse-Train Methods
On Several Standards for Converting PCM Signals into Video Signals
Comments on -A Novel Approach to Linear Phase Loudspeakers Using Passive Crossover Networks- and Author's Reply
In Search of Blumlein: The Inventor Incognito
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 10
Digitization of Audio: A Comprehensive Examination of Theory, Implementation, and Current Practice
Comments on -Impulse Response of the Pickup Arm-Cartridge System- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 11
Computer-Aided Loudspeaker System Design: Part 1: Synthesis Using Optimization Techniques
Audio Recording Tapes Based on Iron Particles
A Study of Theatre Loud Speakers and the Resultant Development of the Shearer Two-Way Horn System
Dividing Networks for Loud Speaker Systems
Automatic Assembly-Line Testing of Cartridges
Considerations on Providing Audio Coverage in Television Production Studios
On the Need for a Standard Method for Primary Calibration of the Frequency and Wavelength Response of a Magnetic Tape Reproducer
Complete Journal: Volume 26 Issue 12
Computer-Aided Loudspeaker System Design: Part 2: Determination of System Power Ratings and Some Design Examples Using Optimization Techniques
How the Magnetic Characteristics of a Magnetic Tape Head Are Affected by the Gap Length and a Conducting Spacer
Improvement of the Noise Characteristics of Amplifiers for Magnetic Transducers
Individual-Track Erase System for a Multitrack Instrumentation Recorder
Design of a Studio-Quality Condenser Microphone Using Electret Technology
The Human Finger-A Versatile Electronic Musical Instrument Component
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