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Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 1/2
Far-Field Placement of Mono Microphones
Analysis of Decoupled-Cone Loudspeakers
Impulse Testing and Peak Clipping
Acoustical Impedance, and the Theory of Horns and of the Phonograph
Ambience-Related Transmission Systems (ARTS)
Instrument Isolation for Multiple Track Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 3
Communication System for a Performing Arts Center
-Transistors Can Sound Better Than Tubes- and -Comments on 'Transistors Can Sound Better Than Tubes'-
Comments on -The Use of Fibrous Materials in Loudspeaker Enclosures- and Author's Reply
Teaching the Physics of Hi-Fidelity
Am I Too Loud? (A Symposium on Rock Music and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss)
Fast Room Acoustic Analyzer (FRA) Using Public Telephone Line and Computer
A Dynamic Noise Reducer for Sum-Difference Multiplex Systems
The RCA Quadulator
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 4
A Method for Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion
Slewing Distortion in Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Public Address Systems
Localization of Lateral Phantom Sources
Moving Sound Image in the Theaters
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 5
Erratum to: More About Electroacoustic Transducers and High Polymer Films
More on Problems of the Sections
Floating-Point Encoding for Transcription of High-Fidelity Audio Signals
Tracing Distortion Correction
A Low-Noise High-Output Capacitor Microphone System
A Novel Approach to Linear Phase Loudspeakers Using Passive Crossover Networks
Design Problems of High-Level Cone Loudspeakers
A Microprocessor-Controlled Digital Waveform Generator
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 6
The Application of Digital Techniques to the Measurement of Loudspeakers
The Dynamic Vibration Absorber Principle, Applied to High-Quality Phonograph Pickup
A New Set of Vented Loudspeaker Alignments
An Almost Locked Oscillator for Electronic Music Synthesis
A Patchable Electronic Music Percussion Synthesizer
Criteria for Evaluating Surround-Sound Systems
Law of the First Wave Front
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 7/8
Erratum to: -A Method of Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion-
Comments on -A Dynamic Noise Reducer for Sum-Difference Multiplex Systems- and More Comments -A Dynamic Noise Reducer for Sum-Difference Multiplex Systems'- and Author's Reply
A Proposed AM Stereo Broadcasting System
Carrier Crosstalk Considerations in the CD-4 System
Suppression of Slew-Rate and Transient Intermodulation Distortions in Audio Power Amplifiers
Improving the Stereo Headphone Sound Image
The Design of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Acoustics Research Laboratory
How to Fool the Ear and Make Bad Recordings
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 9
The Aspects of Low-Inertia Tone-Arm Design
Creating Source Elevation Illusions by Spectral Manipulation
New Mobile Sound Reinforcement System for the Metropolitan Opera/New York Philharmonic Orchestra Park Concerts
The Function and Design of Horns for Loudspeakers (Reprint)
A Multiplexed Remote-Control System
A Polyphonic Music Synthesizer Utilizing Master Programmed Electronic Synthesis Modules for Each Key
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 10/11
Before the Phonograph (Foreword)
Introduction: A Wonderful Invention but not a Breakthrough
Edison and his Contributions to the Record Industry
Emile Berliner, Eldridge Johnson, and the Victor Talking Machine Company
Introduction: The Technology of the Record Industry-Perfection Without Notice
Microphones for Recording
Studios and Studio Equipment
Magnetic Recording for Original Recordings
Record Manufacturing: Making the Sound for Everyone
Record Materials, Part 1: Chemical Technology in the Edison Recording Industry
Record Materials, Part 2: Evolution of the Disc Talking Machine
Record Materials, Part 3: Vinyl Compound for the Phonographic Industry
The High-Fidelity Phonograph Transducer
Record Changers, Turntables, and Tone Arms-A Brief Technical History
Electronic Home Music Reproducing Equipment
Home Music Reproducing Equipment-Performance and Styling
Introduction: Great Music for All and for All Occasions-
The Graphic Arts and the Record Industry
The Record Industry in the United States
The Record Industry in Europe
The Record Industry in Latin America
Far East-Problems and Growth Potential
The Recording Industry in Japan
Mechanical Sound Recording in Czechoslovakia
Corroboree and Other Music
Introduction: Before the Fine Groove and Stereo Record and Other Innovations
The LP and the Single
The Coming of Stereo
Magnetic Tape Recording-Reels, Cassettes, or Cartridges?
The Jukebox, the Radio, and the Record
Quadraphony-A Review
Electronic Music
Introduction: The Art of Becoming a Creative Member of the Record Industry Has Become a Science
The Audio Engineer-Circa 1977: What Does He (or She) Do?
Recording, Art of the Century?
The Musician and the Record
The Great Artists
Records of the Future
100 Years of Phonography
Journal Authors, Volume 25, Number 10/11
Complete Journal: Volume 25 Issue 12
Measuring the Constants of Ear Simulators
The Singapore National Stadium Sound System
Eddy Currents in Composite Laminations
Application Considerations for IC Data Converters Useful in Audio Signal Processing
Tracking Measurement Techniques for Compressors, Expanders, Limiters, ...
A Uniform Track-Positioning and Dimensioning System for Magnetic Recording
A Catalog of Frequency and Transient Responses
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