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Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 1
The Sound Field in Home Listening Rooms, 2
Active Crossover Networks for Noncoincident Drivers
Load Circuit Stabilizing Networks for Audio Amplifiers (Reprint)
Towards a More Natural Sound System
On the Transcription of Old Phonograph Wax Records
Practical Loudness: An Active Circuit Design Approach
-Blumlein Stereo Microphone Technique- and Author's Reply
Quantities, Units, Letter Symbols, and Abbreviations
A Technique for Observing Loudspeaker Wave Front Propagation
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 2
Erratum, "Design Criteria of a Universal Compandor for the Elimination of Audible Noise in Tape, Disc, and Broadcast Systems"
Entertainment Noise: A Hearing Hazard
Intermodulation Distortion Produced by Out-of-Band Program Components
Multitrack Recording of Studio Programs and Live Performances with Simultaneous Filming
New Modulation Technique for CD-4 Recording
Three New Noise-Canceling Electret Communication Devices
Some Aspects of the Self and Mutual Radiation Impedance Concept with Respect to Loudspeakers
A Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Amplifier Employing Log-Antilog Techniques
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 3
The Use of Fibrous Materials in Loudspeaker Enclosures
Assisted Resonance
Current Hearing-Aid Performance and the Requirements of Hearing-Impaired Persons
Lacquer Warp, Advance Ball, and Disc Cutter Dynamics
A Note on Modulation Distortion: Coaxial and Spaced Tweeter-Woofer Loudspeaker Systems
A Note on Modulation Distortion: Two Frequencies Radiated from the Same Diaphragm
Comments on 'More Accurate Calculation of the Room Constant' and More on 'More Accurate Calculation of the Room Constant' and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 4
Comments on -A Multiprocessor Approach to Digital Audio Simulation- and Author's Reply
Synthesis of 4-2-4 Matrix Recording Systems
Low-Frequency Tracking Behavior of Pickup Arm-Cartridge Systems
New Factors in Phonograph Preamplifier Design
Experimental Fourier Series Universal Tone Generator
Advance in Turntable, Tone-Arm Design
Development of a Voice Projection System for Masked Firefighters
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 5
SQ Dichophony-Quadraphonic Earphone Listening
Linear Distortion
Frequency Response Considerations for an Electrostatic Horn Tweeter Using Electret Elements
Air-Cored Inductors for Audio
New Improvements in Audio Signal Processing for AM Broadcasting
Proper Acoustic Response "From the Front Row to the Rear Row"
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 6
Microphone Considerations in Feedback-Prone Environments
The Piecewise-Linear Technique of Electronic Music Synthesis
Preliminary Results of the 1975 AES Audiometric Survey
Evaluating Open-Plan Acoustics
Role of Polymer Science in Developing Materials for Phonograph Discs
Motion Picture Sound Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 7
Twin-Tone Tape Testing
The Louisiana Superdome Sound System
New Wear-Resistant Permalloy Material for Magnetic Recording-Head Application
Detection of Phase Shifts in Harmonically Related Tones
Electronic Modification of the Room Acoustics in a Concert Hall
Comments on "Electroacoustic Transducers with Piezoelectric High Polymer Films"
A Call for Printing of Domestic Papers on Cinema-TV Sound Topics
New Field for Audio Engineering
Recorded Textbooks for Handicapped Students
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 8
Record Warps and System Playback Performance
Ultimate Performance of Wide-Range High-Frequency Compression Drivers
Equivalent Circuit Analysis of Mechano-Acoustic Structures (Reprint)
On the Equivalent Circuit of a Plan Wave Confronting an Acoustical Device
Magnetic-Head Relapping Techniques
Perspectives in Audio Analysis: Changing the Frame of Reference, Part 1
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 9
On Differential Time Delay (Comments on -Some Useful Graphical Relationships- and -Linear Distortions-) and Authors' Replies
On -Out-of-Head Localization- in Headphone Listening
The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Means of Discrete Summation Formulas
Flutter Analysis for Identifying Tape Recorders
Radiation from a Dome
Continuing Evaluation of Phonograph Cartridges by Pulse-Train Methods
Perspectives in Audio Analysis: Changing the Frame of Reference, Part 2
Complete Journal: Volume 24 Issue 10
Looking Backward
A History of High-Quality Studio Microphones
Theory of Tracing Distortion and Its Correction in Carrier Quadraphonic Disc Records
An Interfaced Dual Sound System for a Church
A Versatile Memory System for Console Automation
The Practice of Fully Programmable Mixdown and Development of a Third-Generation Console
More About Electroacoustic Transducers and High Polymer Films
Air-Cored Inductors for Audio-A Postscript
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