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Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 1
TV in Audio Engineering Education
NQRC Listening Tests
Low-Noise Reproducing Preamplifier for Professional Audio Recorders
NQRC Measurement of Subjective Aspects of Quadraphonic Sound Reproduction-Part 1
Electroacoustic Transducers with Piezoelectric High Polymer Films
Development of Compound for QuadraDiscs
Acoustic Energy Transformation in the Human Auditory System
A Practical Theatrical Sound Console
A New Way of Specifying Amplifier Outputs
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 2
Reducing Distortion in Analog Tape Recorders
Noise Reduction in the CD-4 Disc System
Vibration Sensitivity Measurements on Subminiature Condenser Microphones
NQRC Measurement of Subjective Aspects of Quadraphonic Sound Reproduction-Part 2
A Comprehensive Musical Criterion: The Inversion Index
Ganged-Series Potentiometer Mixer Networks
Logarithmic Record-Level Indicator
A Geometric Model for Two-Channel Four-Speaker Matrix Stereo System
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 3
In Situ Measurement and Equalization of Sound Reproduction Systems
A Method of Analyzing the Quadraphonic Sound Field
Horn Theory and the Phonograph
The Frequency Modulation Spectrum of an Exponential Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
Application of the Two Quadrant Transconductance Amplifier/Multiplier in Audio Signal Processing
Amplitude Compression in Hearing Aids
The Bob Jones Amphitorium Sound Reinforcement System
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 4
Some Considerations Regarding FM Four-Channel Stereo Broadcasting Systems
Transmitter Limitations in Achieving High Amplitude Modulation Percentages
A Phase Meter Suitable for Loudspeaker Measurements
Noise Control for Studios
A Real-Time Regenerative Response Method of Equalizing a Sound System
Applications and Design Considerations for a High-Quality Unidirectional Line-Level Microphone
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 5
A New Set of Sixth-Order Vented-Box Loudspeaker System Alignments
A Wearable Master Hearing Aid
Calculating the Directivity Factor of Transducers from Limited Polar Diagram Information
Live Electronic Music in Large Auditoriums
More Accurate Calculation of the Room Constant
The Equalization and Subsequent Observation of the Sound System in the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 6
The Qualification of Loudspeaker Directivity Factor in Sound Reinforcement System Design
Automatic Microphone Mixing
Overcoming Record Warps and Low-Frequency Turntable Rumble in Phonographs
A Polyphonic Keyboard for a Voltage-Controlled Music Synthesizer
Impedance Tailoring via Feedback
Earthquake Prediction by Acoustic Methods
On "The Presentation of Statistical Information on a Circle"
More on "The Presentation of Statistical Information on a Circle"
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 7
A Complementary Source Follower Circuit for Condenser Microphone Preamplifier
An Introduction to the Design of Filtered Loudspeaker Systems
On the Noise Performance of a Magnetic Phonograph Pickup
Simple Equations for Multichannel Stereophonic Sound Localization
Application of a Real-Time Hadamard Transform Network to Sound Synthesis
Some Useful Graphical Relationships
Dynamic Spectrum Changes of Orchestral Instruments
Recording Concert Hall Acoustics for Posterity
More on "Recording Concert Hall Acoustics for Posterity"
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 8
The Sound of One Clap Handing
Design Criteria of a Universal Compandor for the Elimination of Audible Noise in Tape, Disc, and Broadcast Systems
An Audio Control Facility for a TV -Break- Control Room
The Georgia Institute of Technology Stadium Sound System
Audio Engineering Improvements for Clavichords
A Versatile High-Speed -Off-Line- Sweetening System for Television Audio Post Production
Improvements in Cutting Styli for CD-4 Discs
A Harpsichord Primer: One Maker's View
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 9
A Real-Time Digital Computer for Simulating Audio Systems
Essential Equipment for the Transmission of High Peak Levels in the Disk-Cutting System SAL 74/SX 74
A Study of Time-Domain Speech Compression by Means of a New Analog Speech Processor
A Wide-Dynamic-Range Program Equalizer
Design of a Digital-Controlled Audio Level Indicator
Complete Journal: Volume 23 Issue 10
Analysis and Synthesis of Cornet Tones Using Nonlinear Interharmonic Relationships
A New Type of Tweeter Horn Employing a Piezoelectric Driver
AM Stereophonic Broadcasting-An Historical Review
Electroacoustic Properties of Noise-Attenuating Headsets
Electronic Rhythm Units Humanized
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