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Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 1
An Interpolator for Reading Plots in Technical Journals (Reprint)
On Aural Phase Detection: Part 1
Speech Acoustics for the Theatre
A Program-Controlled Noise Filter
An Investigation of Quantization Noise
LSI Reality in Consumer Electronics
More about "Tubes Versus Transistors" and -Comments on Tubes Versus Transistors" and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 2
Still More on "Still More on Audio Education"
Reply to Messrs. Wilson and Wilson: A Commentary on Audio Education and Percy Wilson
Electret Microphone and Preamplifier Combination for Experimental Telephone Handset Use
Comments on "The Delay Plane, Objective Analysis of Subjective Properties: Part 1" and Author's Reply
The Ultimate LSH Loudspeaker
QFMX-Quadruplex FM Transmission Using the 4-4-4 QMX Matrix System
New Methods of Automated Flutter Analysis
Subminiature Directional Microphones
A Tabular Tuning Method for Vented Enclosures
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 3
On Considerations in the Development of an Advanced Fe2O3 Cassette Tape Coating
Missed Connection
On Phase Difference and Sound Image Localization
Sources of the Constant Volume Velocity and Their Use for Acoustic Measurements
Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Assessment by Nearfield Sound-Pressure Measurement
Design Considerations for a Demountable Concert Enclosure (Symphonic Shell) (Reprint)
Optimizing Tape Transport Motion Control Using Operational-Amplifier Analog Signal Processing
More on the Measurement of the Directivity Factor
DeVry Helps Fill a Void
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 4
A Rosetta Stone for Audio?
The Legal Aspects of Magnetic Tape Recordings
Intelligibility Enhancement of Already Noisy Speech Signals
A Subminiature Electret-Condenser Microphone of New Design
Transient Intermodulation Distortion in Commercial Audio Amplifiers
The Application of Holography in the Analysis of Vibrations of Loudspeaker Diaphragms
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 5
Tubes Versus Transistors: A Further Comment
On "The Ultimate LSH Loudspeaker"
The Influence of Room Boundaries on Loudspeaker Power Output
Field-Type Acoustic Wattmeter
The Acoustical Effect of Various Factors on the Frequency Response of a Hearing Aid
Low-Cost Comb Filter Methods
The Post Ultimate LSH Loudspeaker
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 6
Rocks of Gibraltar
A Rosetta Tone?
Correlation Between Subjective and Objective Data for Quality Loudspeakers
The CD-4 Mark-II Modulation System
Walsh Functions in Waveform Synthesizers
Smoothing the Hearing Aid Frequency Response
Audio Arts for Non-Engineers
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 7
The Presentation of Statistical Information on a Circle
Measurement of Phonograph Cartridges by the Pulse-Train Method
Dropout Identification and Cleaning Methods for Magnetic Tape
A Long-Life Sapphire Stylus for Discrete Quadraphonic Discs
Hearing Damage from Music-United Kingdom Experience
An Environmental Noise Classifier and Its Use
Power Output for Speech Reinforcement Amplifiers
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 8
Good Schools Never Die: They Just Change Their Names
On a "Rosetta Stone" for Acoustic Recordings
Passive-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems Part 1: Analysis
Noise Behavior of Paralleled Linear Amplifiers
Mine Mark 24: World War II Acoustic Torpedo
Electronic Reverberation Equipment in the Stockholm Concert Hall
A Quasi-Linear Frequency Divider
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 9
Geometrical Considerations of Subjective Audio
Passive-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems, Part 2: Synthesis
Effects of Spectral Weighting of Speech in Hearing-Impaired Subjects
A Self-Contained Instrument for Sound-System Equalization
Equalization Simplified
Measurement of Recorded Level and Channel Separation on Phonograph Discs Using Optical Interferometry Techniques
Complete Journal: Volume 22 Issue 10
Practical Considerations of Active Filter Design
On Aural Phase Detection: Part 2
Performance Tradeoffs in Disk Recording
High-Fidelity Sound System Equalization by Analysis of Standing Waves
Long-Term Durability of Pickup Diamonds and Records
Measurements of Biophysiological Signals in the Audio Spectrum
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