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Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 1
Closed-Box Loudspeaker Systems-Part 2: Synthesis
Recording Techniques for SQ Matrix Quadraphonic Discs
Periphony: With-Height Sound Reproduction
Experimental Investigation of Sound-System-Room Feedback
The Design and Use of a Simple Pseudo Random Pink-Noise Generator
A Study to Establish Optimum Level on Cassette Tape Copies
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 2
Comments on "Field Type-Artificial Voice"
Comments on "Requirements for Theatre Sound and Communication Systems"
Sir Who?
Equalizing the Monitoring Environment
Perceptual Study of Segments of Intervocalic Stops and Affricates
EIA RS-400 -Reproducer Test Tape- Reviewed
Loudspeaker Standards and Loudspeaker Performance Limitations
Relative Importance of the Direct and Reverberant Fields to Spectrum Perception
Computer-Generated Pure Tones and Noise and Its Application to Psychoacoustics
Audio Engineering and Equipment Requirements for Stereo Television Production That Meets Perceptual Demands
Action in Ithaca
Gradient Loudspeakers
A Theory of Scanning Loss in Phonographs
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 3
Further on Simple Pseudorandom Pink Noise Generator
What is the Need for University Level Education in Audio?
Comparison of Network and Real-Ear Characteristics of the External Ear
Technical Requirements and Analysis of Phono Cartridges for Proper Playback of CD4 Discrete Four-Channel Records
Multitrack Audio in Video Production
The Theory of Loudspeaker Cabinet Resonances
Automatic Detection of Impulse Noise
On the Doppler Distortion in Loudspeakers
Recording Sound Photographically on Paper Disks
Symmetrical Design of T and H Pads Using Nomogram
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 4
More on Tape Rating
Comments on "Model Railroad Sound System"
Sensitivity of Thiele's Vented Loudspeaker Enclosure Alignments to Parameter Variations
Quadraphonic One Point Pickup Microphone
Synthesis of the Musical Scale Using Noninteger Frequency Divsion
Tubes Versus Transistors-Is There an Audible Difference
Characteristics of Reverberation Chamber
Simple Bandpass Filters
Low-Bit Sine-Wave Approximations for Audio Signal Sources
Design Considerations for a Transportable Sound-Reinforcement System
The Status of Broadcast Cartridge Design
Comments on "Desirability of Tape Rating System"
Comments on "Delay Effects in Loudspeakers" and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 5
Hertzian Theory and Scanning Loss
Education on Audio
Quadraphonic Matrix Perspective-Advances in SQ Encoding and Decoding Technology
Dolby B-Type Noise Reduction for FM Broadcasts
Optimum Use of Noise Reduction in FM Broadcasting
Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems--Part 1: Small-Signal Analysis
Enhanced Electronic Organ Performance by Means of Custom LSI Devices
A Method of Coding Complex Shapes for the Blind by an Auditory Display
Sound of the Games
A Method for Qualifying Recorded Tone Bursts
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 6
Some Single- and Multiple-Source Localization Effects
Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems-Part 2: Large-Signal Analysis
A New Automatic Noise-Reduction System (ANRS)
A Loudspeaker System Design Utilizing a Sixth-Order Butterworth Response Characteristic
Tempered Tone-Scale Generation From a Single Oscillator
Clavichord Amplification
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 7
More about Education in Audio Engineering
The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Means of Frequency Modulation
Pulse-Code-Modulation Recording System
PCM Recorder--A New Type of Audio Magnetic Tape Recorder
Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems-Part 3: Synthesis
Dynamic Damping of Stylus Compliance/Tone-Arm Resonance
Instrumentation and Methods of Violin Testing
A Proposed Standard Method of Measuring the Directivity Factor "Q" of Loudspeakers Used in Commercial Sound Work
The Drone-Cone, Phase-Inverter Loudspeaker
The Validity of the -Momentary- Power Output Rating to Amplification of Speech
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 8
On Damage Risk Through Occupational Noise Exposure
Comments on "On Chuffs"
Comments on "Tubes Versus Transistors-Is There an Audible Difference?"
Feedback on Clavichords
QMX Carrier-Channel Disc
A Half-Speed Cutting of the CD-4, a Discrete 4-Channel Record and Other Improvements of the System
Development of Skew Sampling Compensator for Tracing Error
Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems-Part 4: Appendices
Experimental Electronic Music Devices Employing Walsh Functions
Equivalent Acoustic Distance
More on -Audio Education- and "What is the Need for University Level Education in Audio?" and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 9
The Delay Plane, Objective Analysis of Subjective Properties-Part 1
Rate-Feedback Binary Counters in Musical Scale Generation
The Pitfalls of the General-Purpose IC Operational Amplifier as Applied to Audio Signal Processing
Some Thoughts on Cassette Duplication
Subminiature Electret Microphone in a Tie Tac
Noise and Uncle
Estimating Noise Exposure for Site Section and Exterior Wall Design
On the Synthesis of Closed-Box Systems Using Available Drivers
More on -Measuring the Directivity Factor...Q-
How It All Began Reprinted from Audio Magazine, 1948
Need for the Audio Engineering Society, Reprinted from Audio Engineering (later Audio magazine) 1948 March
Complete Journal: Volume 21 Issue 10
Ways to Four-Channel
School Phase Out
The Delay Plane, Objective Analysis of Subjective Properties-Part 2
Phase Difference and Sound Image Localization
Development of an Advanced Fe2 O3 Cassette Tape Coating
Designing an Auditorium Sound Reinforcement System
The Precedence Effect in Sound Localization (Tutorial Reprint)
Further Comments on Directivity Factor
Directivity Factor: "Q" or "RA"? Standard Terminology and Measurement Methods
Still More on Audio Education
AES - Audio Engineering Society