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Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 1
Comments on -What's a Watt (rms)?-
Soundproofing-An Important Security Factor
Phase-Shift Characteristics of Record Cutters and Pickups
Comparative Stereophonic Listening Tests
Chromium Dioxide Audio Cassette Tape
Simplified Loudspeaker Measurements at Low Frequencies
Room Acoustics of Studios
A Stereo Program Phase Checker
Telephone Repeater Circuits for Studio Use
RMS Power: Fact or Fancy
SCORE-A Musician's Approach to Computer Music
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 2
The Fringing Response of Magnetic Reproducers at Long Wavelengths
UHF Radio Link for Transmission of High-Quality Stereophonic Programs
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Hearing Aids in Industry
Condenser Microphone Calibration and Response in Deep Diving Environments
The Strobophone
The Influence of a Single Echo on the Audibility of Speech
The Effects of Transit Time and Intensity Differentials Upon Recreating Acoustic Fields
Tape Noise in Audio Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 3
Power Specification Conversion Factors
A Practical High-Frequency Trackability Test for Phono Pickups
Proposed Universal Encoding Standards for Compatible Four-Channel Matrixing
Pseudo-Noise Timbre Generators
Acoustical Circuits Revisited
Acoustical and Electroacoustical Arrangement for the Dynamically Focused Room
Design Room or Sound System?
Harmonic Structure of PN Sequences
Comments on "Groove Echo in Lacquer Masters" and Authors' Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 4
Comments on "Electrical Design and Musical Applications of an Unconditionally Stable Combination Voltage Controlled Filter/Resonator" and Author's Reply
The Effect of Conducting Gap Spacers on the Impedance of Magnetic Heads
Mechanical Playback Losses and the Design of Wideband Phonograph Pickups
A Clinical Study to Evaluate Rock Music, Symphonic Music and Noise as Sources of Acoustic Trauma
Large-Scale Integration in Organ Design
A Complex Sound System Equalization
Record-Changer Design Consideration of Today
An Ultraminiature Console Compression System with Maximum User Flexibility
Comments on "Sound Columns-Practical Design and Applications" and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 5
Comments on "Articulation Loss of Consonants as a Basis for the Design and Judgment of Sound Reinforcement Systems" and Author's Reply
-RMS Power- Versus Average Power
Discrete-Matrix Multichannel Stereo
Further Improvements in Discrete Four-Channel Disc System CD-4
Laboratory Measurement of Howlback Probability in Speech-Reinforcement Systems
Tempered Scale Generation from a Single Frequency Source
Direct Radiator Loudspeaker System Analysis
Circuit Design Modifications for Minimizing Transient Intermodulation Distortion in Audio Amplifiers
Comments on: -Formulas for Distributed Loudspeaker Systems- and Author's Reply
Misnomer -RMS Power-
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 6
Correction for "Discrete-Matrix Multichannel Stereo"
On Accurate Terminology
Field-Type Artificial Voice
A High-Accuracy Frequency Shifter for Professional Audio Applications
The Sound Field in Home Listening Rooms
An Investigation of the Magnetic Head-Magnetic Tape Contact
Predistortion Techniques for Complex but Predictable Transmission Systems
A Quadraphonic Oscilloscope Display Technique
Measurements of Auditorium Acoustics with a Storage Oscilloscope and Tone Burst Generator
Aircraft Infrasonic Noise Evaluation Problems
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 7
Advantages of Using Peak Power Ratings Instead of Average Power
Sound-Image Localization in Multichannel Matrix Reproduction
Measurements of the Mechanical Properties of Magnetic Tape
A Noise-Reduction System: Dynamic Spectral Filtering
Digital Speech Data Transmission Using Pitch Synchronous Analysis and Extremal Coding
Eleven-Day Sound System for 325,000 People
The State of the Art in Noise Surveys
Unipot-A Panoramic Potentiometer for Quadrasonic Use
The Playback Sound System of the Festival Theatre of Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 8
Comments on "Misnomer 'RMS Power'- and 'RMS Power Versus Average Power'-
High-Quality Professional Recording Using New Digital Techniques
Voltage-Controlled Gain in the Audio Channel
Delay Effects in Loudspeakers
A Reexamination of the S/N Question for Systems with Time-Varying Gain or Frequency Response
Requirements for Theatre Sound and Communication Systems
Model Railroad Sound system
Portable Data Acquisition Unit for Word Recognition Research
More About "RMS Power"
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 9
Four Channel
Loudspeaker Distortion with Low-Frequency Signals
Playback Effects from Matrix Recordings
Reverberation Chambers
Time Compression and Expansion of Speech by the Sampling Method
Velocity Sensing-The Parameter for a Complete Tape Transport Motion Control
Acoustic Evaluation of Prosthetic Cardiac Valve in the Audio Spectrum
A Fail-Safe Audio Power Amplifier
Voltage Controlled Gain in the Audio Channel-Appendix
-Desirability of Tape Rating System- and Reply
Power Specifications
Complete Journal: Volume 20 Issue 10
Closed-Box Loudspeaker Systems-Part 1: Analysis
4-2-4 Matrix Systems: Standards, Practice, and Interchangeability
Compatible FM Broadcasting of Panoramic Sound
Acoustics and the Active Enclosure
Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers: Part 3
TTL Circuits for Monophonic Devices
Production of Dolby B-Type Cassettes
Measurement of the Acoustical Properties of the Concert Hall of the Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center, State University College at Fredonia, New York
A VU Meter for the Blind Operator
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