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Complete Journal: Volume 2 Issue 1
Nomenclature and the SMPTE
Interim Committee on Nomenclature
Operation Nomenclature
Multichannel Sound Reproduction
A New Approach to Professional Magnetic Recording Equipment
System Design for Multiple Copying of Tape and Disk Program Material
Some Notes on Problems Encountered in the Use of the Standard Reference Tape
The Compound Diffraction Projector
The Philosophy of Amplifier Equalization
The Significance of High-Frequency Intermodulation in Audio Equipment
New Developments and Applications of Printed Circuits
High Fidelity-What Is It?
Journal Authors, Volume 2, Number 1
Nomenclature for Motion Pictures and Television
Complete Journal: Volume 2 Issue 2
Letters to the Editor: More On High Fidelity
Letters to the Editor: Amplifier Test Procedure
Letters to the Editor: Disk Standard Comment
Journal Authors, Volume 2, Number 2
Audio Aspects of the SMPTE 74th Convention -- A Review
New Advances in Language Teaching-The Georgetown University Project
An Analytical Approach to Phonograph Pickup Design
Amplifiers and Superlatives
Design of a Preamplifier for Low-Level Inputs
A New Program Distribution System
Bibliography of Disk Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 2 Issue 3
Journal Authors, Volume 2, Number 3
Survey of Flux-Responsive Magnetic Reproducing Heads
Resonance, Tracking, and Distortion-An Analysis of Phonograph Pickup Arms
The Fundamentals of Disk Reproduction
Etched Circuits for Audio
The Mechanics of Good Loudspeaker Design
Bibliography of Magnetic Recording
Complete Journal: Volume 2 Issue 4
Motion Picture Sound Recording at USAF Lookout Mountain Laboratory
An Experimental Study of distortion
Recent Developments in Direct-Radiator High-Fidelity Loudspeakers
A Moving-Coil Feedback Disk Recorder
A Stable Laboratory Standard Condenser Microphone
A Twin-Lever Ceramic Cartridge
Multidirectional Reproduction and Re-recording of Music from a Single Sound Source
Monogroove Stereophonic Disk Recording
An Output-Transformerless Power Amplifier
Characteristics of Bass Emphasis Circuits
An External Automatic Sweep Generator for Use with Cathode-Ray Oscilloscopes
Journal Authors, Volume 2, Number 4
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