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Comments on "Resonance Frequencies to Measure Speaker-to-Enclosure Compliance Ratio
Phase and Delay Distortion in Multiple-Driver Loudspeaker Systems
Comments on "Wisdom and Witchcraft" and Author's Reply
Constant-Voltage Crossover Network Design
The Simulation of Moving Sound Sources
Ultrasound in Retinal Detachment Surgery
Musicassette Quadrasonic: Tape Record Compatibility
Audio in Medicine: The Electronics of Nervous Transmission
Discrete Field Equalization for Sound Reinforcement Systems
Sound Columns-Practical Design and Applications
Experimental Wide-Bandwidth Tooth-Contact Microphone
Closing the Wireless Versus Wired Microphone Dependability Gap
The Moog at the Guggenheim
A Note on Using Resonance Frequencies in a Test Box and in Free Air to Measure Speaker-to-Enclosure Compliance Ratio
Crossover Networks and Modulation Distortion
Operational Amplifier Implementation of Ideal Electronic Crossover Networks
Impulse Measurement Techniques for Quality Determination in Hi-Fi Equipment, with Special Emphasis on Loudspeakers
Development and Application of a New Tracing Simulator
A Dynamic Noise Filter
Development of an Intracranial Pressure Transducer
Simplified Educational Music Synthesizer
Microphone Accessory Shock Mount for Stand or Boom Use
Problems of Sound Reinforcement in Large Halls
Design and Construction of a Stereophonic Amplifier-Loudspeaker Switching/Routing Facility for Use at the Conventions of the Audio Engineering Society
Encephalophone: An Electronic Stethoscope for the Brain
Comments on "Biradial and Spherical Stylus Performance in a Broadcast Disc Reproducer" and Author's Reply
A Linear Theory of Phonograph Playback
Stethoscope Acoustics and the Engineer: Concepts and Problems
Active-Network Realization of a 97-Channel Audio Filter Bank
Masking Noise Systems in Open and Closed Spaces
The Effect of Sound on Plant Grwoth
Some Design Considerations for Electrostatic Headphones
Small Balanced Armature Receiver for Electronic Telephone Sets
A Three-Way Columnar Loudspeaker for Reinforcement of the Performing Arts
Anti-High Futility for an Air-Conditioned Pickup Truck
Notes on Pickup Design and Response
On the Processing of Two- and Three-Channel Program Material for Four-Channel Playback
Four Channels and Compatibility
Analysis of Crosstalk on Stereo Test Records
Signature Analysis of Heart Sounds and Murmurs
Plain and Fancy Test Signals for Music Reproduction Systems
Providing Foldback with Out-of-Phase Loudspeakers
Attenuation Pads
Directional Ambiguity of Quadraphonic Matrices
Better Amplifying Prostheses for the Hearing Handicapped
Comments on the Fortieth Convention
Comments on "Design and Construction of a Stereophonic Amplifier-Loudspeaker Switching/Routing Facility for Use at the Conventions of the Audio Engineering Society" and Author's Reply
Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes: Part 1
An Audio Delay System Using Digital Technology
A Simplified Hysteresis-Loop Model of the AC-Biased Magnetic Recording Process
Innovations in Studio Design and Recording in the Victor Record Studios
Design of a High-Quality Public Address System for Aircraft Use
Musicassette Interchangeability: The Facts Behind the Facts
Microphone Windscreens
Sensory Substitution Systems Using the Skin for the Input to the Brain
Postscript to -Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes-
Synthesizing Musical Sounds by Solving the Wave Equation for Vibrating Objects: Part 1
Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes: Part 2
Compositional Limitations of Electronic Music Synthesizers
A New Underwater Earphone
Active and Passive Filters as Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
A Sound System for Amphibious Assault Training
Electrical Versus Acoustical Parameters in the Design of Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Decibel, A Unit of Level
Synthesizing Musical Sounds by Solving the Wave Equation for Vibrating Objects: Part 2
Multichannel Stereo Matrix Systems: An Overview
Factors Affecting Individual and Group Levels in Verbal Communication
New Techniques for Electronic Organ Tone Generation
A Discrete Four-Channel Disc and Its Reproducing System (CD-4 System)
Miniature Headband-Mounted Dynamic Microphone for Professional Applications
A New Profile for LP Records
Two Portable Reproducing Consoles for Sound-Effect Operations
A Compatible Stereo-Quadraphonic (SQ) Record System
Suggested Performance Requirements for Compatible Four-Channel Recording
On the Acoustics of Multitrack Recording Studios
The Transitivity of Loudness Level
Digital Tone Synthesis
The Application of Impulse Measurement Techniques to the Detection of Linear Distortion
Transportable Sound Amplification for Disney on Parade
Electronic Crossover Networks and Their Contribution to Improved Loudspeaker Transient Response
Comments on "A Three Way Loudspeaker for the Reinforcement of the Performing Arts" and Author's Reply
Comments on "The Diamond as an Industrial Material, with Special Reference to Phono Stylii"
Resonance versus Resonant
What's a Watt (rms)?
Determination of Loudspeaker Signal Arrival Times: Part 1
Subjective Assessment of Multichannel Reproduction
Sound System Design for St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco
Production of Harmonics and Distortion in p-n Junctions
A Sound Augmentation System
Application of Electronic Circuit Analogies to Loudspeaker Design Problems
Low Power Drain Instrument Preamplifier
Comments on "Sound the Destroyer"
Single-Bus Keyboard Control for Digital Musical Instruments
Audio Cassette Chromium Dioxide Tape
Determination of Loudspeaker Signal Arrival Times: Part 2
Analyzing Phase-Amplitude Matrices
Horn-Loaded Electrostatic Loudspeaker
Groove Echo in Lacquer Masters
An Electronically Generated Complex Microtonal System of Horizontal and Vertical Tonality
Weighted Peak Flutter Measurement-A Summary of the New IEEE Standard
Efficiency of Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems
Efficiency Does Not Depend On Cone Area
Comments on -A Compatible Stereo-Quadraphbonic (SQ) Record System- and Author's Reply
IEC Standardization Work
Determination of Loudspeakier Signal Arrival Times: Part III
Design of a Noise Eliminator System
Theoretical Influences Caused by Geometrial Errors in Magnetic Tapes and Recording Heads
Articulation Loss of Consonants as a Criterion for Speech Transmission in a Room
Articulation Loss of Consonants as a Basis for the Design and Judgment of Sound Reinforcement Systems
Electrical Design and Musical Applications of an Unconditionally Stable Combination Voltage Controlled Filter/Resonator
A Time-Shared Hybrid Sound Synthesizer
Notes on Panpots
A Visual Display of Tape Modulation Noise with Audo Recording
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