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Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 1
A New Device for Speech Pause Analysis
The Costly dB
An Examination of Dropouts Occurring in the Magnetic Recording and Reproduction Process
A Brief History of the Recording Industry in the Soviet Union
Sound Systems for Large Multipurpose Halls in the Soviet Union
Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers: Part 2
Loudspeaker Voice Coils
Development of a Versatile Professional Unidirectional Microphone
The Diamond as an Industrial Material, with Special Reference to Phono Styli
The Intelligibility of Speech Transposed Downward in Frequency by One Octave
-Instant- Recording Studios using Prefabricated Acoustical Panels
Apparatus for a New Stereopsychoacoustics-Grounded Musical Technology
A More Useful Form of the Minimum Loss Impedance Matching Pad
Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 2
Time-Division Multiplex for Four-Channel FM
Updating and Interpreting the Speech Interference Level (SIL)
Transportation Noise Sources
Infrasonic Thermistor Microphone
Reliability in Production Testing of Loudspeaker Components and Systems
Design Considerations of Low-Noise Audio Input Circuitry for a Professional Microphone Mixer
A Rational Technique for Synthesizing Pseudo-Stereo from Monophonic Sources
Octave-Band Spectral Distribution of Recorded Music
Transmission Lines In Studios
A Sound Reinforcement System for Multiple Conference Rooms
Crosstalk Measurements on Magnetic Recording Heads
Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 3
A Plea for Accurate Terminology
A New Direct-Drive Phonomotor
Tape Flux Measurement Theory and Verification
Ribbon Velocity Microphones
The Development of a Sandwich-Construction Loudspeaker System
Frequency Response Analysis of Phonograph Pickups on Calibrated Test Records
Perceptibility of Wow and Flutter
The Intelligibility of Filtered-Clipped Speech in Noise
A Church Sound System Design
-Invisible- Sound Reinforcement with 350 Microphones
Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 4
Comments on -A Plea for Accurate Terminology-
Broadband Network Circuits
Audio Therapy for Hospitalized Engineers and Musicians
Loudspeakers for Model Investigations
An Electroacoustic Transducer for Measuring Acoustical Impedances
Sound Systems in Reverberant Rooms for Worship
Biradial and Spherical Stylus Performance in a Broadcast Disc Reproducer
Hearing with Ears Instead of Instruments
Electronic Musical Tone Production by Nonlinear Waveshaping
An Inertial Head-Contacting Audio Communications Headset System
Design of a Tone Generator
A High-Performance Control Console with Flexibility
Reminiscences: Part 1, Noise; Part 2, Sound Stages
Comments on "Perceptibility of Wow and Flutter"
Comments on "A Differential Telephone Repeater Circuit"
Further Thoughts on "A Rational Technique for Synthesizing Pseudo-Stereo from Monophonic Sources"
Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 5
On Designs and Applications
Additional Comments on Optimum Volume Vented Box Baffles
-One AES Technical Meeting Per Year?- and the Society Replies
Extraction of Ambiance Information from Ordinary Recordings
An Experimental Study of Groove Deformation in Phonograph Records
An Evaluation of the Forces Required to Move a Tone Arm
Miniature Electret Microphones
Acoustic Impedance Calibrator for Mask and Microphone Measurements
Wisdom and Witchcraft of Old Wives' Tales About Woofer Baffles
The Dynamic Range of Disc and Tape Records
The Sonde: A New Approach to Multiple Sinewave Generation
Development of a New Magnetic Tape for Music Mastering
A Note on Determining Optimum Enclosure Volume for a Low-Frequency Loudspeaker
Further Comments on -A Plea for Accurate Terminology-
Complete Journal: Volume 18 Issue 6
Further Thoughts on Accurate Terminology
Comments on "Subjective or Psophometric Audio Noise Measurement: A Review of Standards"
A Mechanical Disc Recording and Reproducing System with High Storage Density and High Rate of Information Transmisssion
Multiplex Methods for FM Broadcast Transmission of Four-Channel Stereo Signals
A Wideband Miniature Microphone
Third-Order Gradient Microphone for Speech Reception
Calculation of the Stray Reluctance of Gaps in Magnetic Circuits
Choosing a Formula for Calculating the Absorption Coeffcient from Reverberation Chamber Measurements
Magnetic Recording Standards and Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Subjective or Psophometric Audio Noise Measurement: A Review of Standards
Electronic Adjustment of Monitoring Acoustics
Acoustical Treatment and Sound Reinforcing System for Washington State Legislature
Design Innovations in a Portable Sound Reinforcement System
Electronic Music in Every Home
Unbaffled Loudspeaker Column Arrays
A Scientific Explanation of Phasing (Flanging)
Derivation of Harmonic Equations in Nonlinear Circuits
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